Hot oil treatments.

As a seasoned natural I often forget that there are still newbie naturals who are out there every day looking for information on how to take care of their hair.  I still get emails with questions on them that I could easily answer and here is one I got recently.

What is a hot oil treatment for and how do I do it?
For dry hair and ends, the hot oil treatment is wonderful. It helps to put moisture back into your hair, people who do them regularly report that their hair is more smooth and manageable. So here is how you do it.

  • On wash day heat half a cup of your favourite hair oil; olive, jojoba, argan or a mix of them in the microwave for a minute or two 

  • Pour the heated oils into your spray bottle and distribute them all over your hair.


  • Put your plastic cap on for about 15 minutes. (some people do this over night)

  • Rinse and then shampoo your hair as normal followed by conditioner. 

  • Voila!

Have you ever done one? What were the results? Do you have any good recipes you use that you could share? Comments below



  1. I’ve tried different types of oils for my treatment (coconut, sweet almond oil), most times I don’t heat the oil as I leave it on for at least an hour while doing chores. My hair is soft, bouncy and moisturised after the treatment.