How do you feel about the N word?

There are two N words in the black society both are said quite often by black people, both are offensive to some black people and both if said by anyone of any other race would be classed as racism. One is the one sung by many mainstream rappers and one is the one we use to refer to our hair. It’s the hair one I am talking about here the word nappy.

The thing is I can talk to a natural who will use that word to describe her own hair she will say ‘nappy and proud’ and she will wear the T-shirt below.

Nappy T-Shirt

Dont ask me why a sister is not in this T-shirt…

In the same room I can meet another that would say “oh hell no! did he just call me nappy?’ and flipped when tweets like these came out.

Nappy Angry

This was was just too offensive though!


Angry Nappy

Awww how hurtful


Then right in the corner will be the sister who will be all damaged as from childhood her friends/family/love of her life called her ‘nappy head’ wow- you don’t want to know what I found when I looked up photos to go with that.

So I am confused, I never use either word in my speech as I don’t have reason to. What I want to know is about you? Can people call you Nappy? Is it offensive/derogatory to you? Would it make a difference the colour of the person saying it to you? Shall we all as a community make the effort to ditch the word and replace it? What would you replace it with? I would love to know your comments. You can leave a comment at the top of this post.


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  1. I’m not a fan of the word nappy, although I don’t condemn others who choose to use it. I don’t view nappy as a positive descriptive term, and therefore do not use it to describe my, or anyone else’s hair, and in all honesty I’d rather not have anyone else describe my hair as nappy. Having said that, I know that many people who use it do not intend it to offend, so I would not react drastically and quite often overlook it.
    Personally Im happy to describe my hair as Afro or natural.
    Crystal Afro

  2. In my opinion because the word nappy has negative connotation I would naturally be offended not by the word but by the intentions behind it. However I preferred if someone just says I have natural hair whether their intention are bad or good. You can’t offend with something I know I am like if someone says u black girl am black so that just a slow observation on their part. People give power to words all the time but its up to an individual such as myself to not scoop down to their level. Great post:-)

  3. ‘Nappy’ is an american word not and English word used by black british people. Why should we care what word they use. How does it affect us? SHouldn’t we learn to identify between our issues and that of a foreign group that has nothing to do with us?

  4. I find it hard to believe anyone in England in their childhood heard the word nappy, considering we have equivalent words in our own community, unless you mean nappies for children.

  5. I guess how we use words should be in proper care. We are our own individuality so we cannot just utter a certain simple word that might be natural for us but might be offensive to many. We ought to always think first before blurting it out loud. Great site!