How I use my Denman Brush

I am sure you would agree that healthy hair grows from a clean, healthy and hydrated scalp. One thing that is important is to make sure you remove all dead hairs and tangles from your hair- this is where detangling comes in.

When I was a newbie natural I used to wash my hair and only when it was dripping wet with conditioner would I then make the attempt of detangling and fully combing out my hair. When I read ‘The science of black hair’ (see my review here) this book recommends that you should actually detangle before washing. I have also read that your hair is in too much of a weakened state to start ripping a comb though it when it is wet. The thing is, I wouldn’t dream of combing through dry hair so after that I used to dampen my hair with my spritz, finger comb it out and then run through it with my wide tooth comb. After this I would put it into sections to wash.

Lately I have been getting a few emails asking me what brush I use to detangle. I know many naturals use a Denman Brush but mine was put away the day I stopped straightening my hair. I tried it once about a year ago and it just ripped out my hair so I stuck to the wide tooth comb.

Anyway I got it back out last week when I watched this video on how to Modify your Denman Brush, I shows you how to remove a few rows so that it has wider teeth. 

Video Link

My modified one

I modified mine and have started to use it again, now I dampen my hair with my spritz, finger comb it out, run through it with my wide tooth comb and then one stroke of the brush – I find it removes dead hair that the wide tooth missed and upon close inspection this is actually shed hair not broken. I am pleased.

So….do you use a Denman? Which one do you use? How do you use yours?



  1. I also use this brush in taking care my hair. This kind of brush helps your hair to grow and also I use a treatment that makes my hair grow faster.

  2. I use a fake denman. I used to have genuine D3 but at the time no funds to replace and to me it works the same. I saw a youtuber who spoke about the D41 which has wide and a larger spacing so you wouldnt need to pull out teeth. but hey. I am also interested in there thermal brush as a way to replace my use of the afro pic attachment on my hairdryer that always breaks way too much and my hair is not thick