I almost missed The Natural Lounge in Grazia

The Natural Lounge got a shout out in Grazia Magazine It was in the 16th July Issue (page 55). I nearly missed it due to my busy schedule back then.  

There was an article by the wonderful Hannah Poole entitled  ‘Back off Hair Police’ were she talked about stars such as Halle Berry, Thandie Newton and at the time Solange Knowles and how they faced a backlash when they let their hair go natural. She even quoted someone tweeting “Comb it please” regarding Solange’s hair.

It does make me shake my head when I hear that there are people out there commenting on what other people should do with their hair. It can be quite vicious and hurtful and is a behaviour that that we should not be promoting at all. 

The Natural Lounge was really just mentioned to highlight the fact that we have created all these on-line communities to bring about the acceptance of natural hair. I was pleased to see it there. 



  1. Wow,that is amazing! I do hope natural hair gets more coverage as that is what is needed to undo all the negative attitudes towards it.

    This is a call to all naturals: people are watching so represent your beautiful tresses always and have a gracious answer in case of any questions. 🙂

  2. @ Joama yes we should get more mainstream coverage shouldn’t we? I love your call to naturals!