I did a Heat Wrap and Argan Oil Treatment at home!

I try and always deep condition when I wash, but one of the problems I have is how to add heat to make the conditioner really penetrate. Then a couple of weeks ago on Amazon I saw and purchased this:

Look Great Heat Wrap

The Look Great Heat Wrap – £25 on Amazon

How you can possibly ‘look great’ in it I am not sure especially as mine is white but I couldn’t wait to try it out.

When it arrived, since my hair was feeling a little dry, I decided that I was going to do a hot oil treatment. Here is how I usually do a hot oil:

Hair Before

Hair Before

  • *Section the hair into four sections (I only do this because my hair is long)
  • *Then spritz it with warm water.
  • *Then heat the oil, I do mine in the microwave I check it all the time, you want it warm enough to be able to put your hand in, mine takes about 30 seconds.
  • *Then I put the oil all over my hair making sure each strand is saturated.

This is my oil of choice

KeraCare Essential Oils

My Favourite for a Hot Oil Treatment. KeraCare Essential Oils, contains a mix of oils including sunflower seed, sweet almond and olive oil

However as you can see in the photograph, it had ran out  (gutted) so,  I decided to use a product sent to me a while back to review The Jilali Argan Oil

The Jilali Argan Oil

Look how nicely packaged it came

The makers of this oil say “Jilali Argan Oil is premium 100% Pure Virgin Moroccan Oil. Often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by beauty experts, Argan oil restores the natural health of locks to give new life to dry, tangled, lacklustre hair. Argan oil has properties similar to those of Jojoba, but surpasses all other oils in terms of hair treatment 

*Non-greasy Argan oil penetrates the hair shaft to naturally hydrate and enhance hair elasticity.

*Argan oil promotes hair growth and nourishes each shaft through the growth cycle.

*Argan oil smoothens each hair shaft and can be used to maintain frizz-free styles.

*The presence of Vitamin E and other natural antioxidants in Argan oil restores natural strength, and repairs cellular membranes damaged through over-styling and environmental stresses.

*If hair has been colour treated, Argan oil can be used to extend the life of the treatment whilst defending the hair against dehydration, brittleness and breakage.

*Argan oil is a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 9, whose nutritional components are essential for hair shafts and roots. These unsaturated fatty acids strengthen the hair’s protein bonding structures to improve strength and heal split ends”

So… after I had put the warmed Argan Oil all over my hair  I wrapped my head up in clingfilm and put on the Heat Wrap. (It did come with a plastic cap but I find they neverhold all my hair.)  The Heat wrap took 60 seconds to heat up in the microwave and was quite easy to put on.

Cling Film and a Heat Wrap

Did I make it look good??

Then I kept it on for 30 mins because there was a warning on the box which said “Do not use for more than 30 mins” I was scared, I wasn’t sure what would happen after this! Would my brain cook? Haha. Anyway it was quite comfortable and fit over my hair. I even did some housework with it on. When I took it off, wow, wow, wow, my hair felt so beautiful. I shampooed and conditioned as normal and then twisted my hair. Here are the results


I am so excitied when I see the twists


I just love being a natural!

My hair is soft, healthy and shiny! I will definitely be using the heat wrap again as part of my regular deep conditioning/hot oil treatments.  The Argan oil must have had a factor in making my hair feel great, my only hesitation is its   £20 for a tiny 30ml bottle and the whole thing got used on my hair.

For more information or to purchase Jilali Argan oil you can visit their website.  www.jaouk.com




  1. Girl I love me some Argan oil but this a bit pricey so I only use it for daily use I couldn’t wash it out lol. Tell me more about your wrap. I have one but a different brand. I doesn’t get as hot as I’d expected. Are you happy with your wrap.

  2. I’m so excited to try this at home too! I think Argan oil is still more affordable than going to salons often.

  3. @MsXpat you are right, it is expensive, so you use it every day how has it made your hair? I really like the wrap, you have to be careful not to heat it too much or the gel packs will burst. However it was warm enough to make my home treatment work, I think I am going to try it with a deep conditioner next.

    @Elise, you might be right, when use my heat cap next time I am going to try it with different things like conditioner etc. I only use salons for a treat now so a home treatment is very much needed.

  4. I use the brand moroccan oil in the blue packing. I use it most days and it makes my hair feel moisturized manageable and swishy. I take your point on heating the head wrap too much will be more careful.