I finally got a negative comment about my hair in the workplace.

Hello, I feel bad, I haven’t blogged in ages.  I have been majorly busy and I cannot keep up with everything. Do you know my wedding is in two weeks?  Time is flying and I can’t wait.  I was hoping things would have calmed down but it seems there is still quite a bit to do. If we are not discussing table plans and order or service, we are finalising bookings, meeting with the priest buying drinks and generally running about. I look awful when I should be blossoming; it’s all these late nights and early mornings.

So this might bemy last post before then if it is you won’t hear from me until mid August…after the honeymoon I am definitely not going to post between the 16th July – 16thAugust That’s one month off so put a reminder to check back on me then.

If I remember the last time I wrote something I was about to go off on my Hen weekend. It was a surprise and I didn’t know where I was going. It was brilliant, my friends took me to Portugal and I had a lovely time with all of them. (Thank you ladies I love you)

Anyway I had to share this with you I finally got a negative comment about my hair in my workplace! I have been there a year and 9 months and I was natural and no one has ever said anything to me.

For work I always wear quite neat styles, twists and updo’s for me they are easy to style. Anyway one day I couldn’t be bothered so I just wore a puff, it wasn’t the neatest but I didn’t care (too busy). Throughout that day I got so many compliments I was shocked at one point a lady from the other side of the office, someone who I rarely speak to stopped by my desk to tell me how lovely my hair was, people really liked it, I was really buzzing. Then in the afternoon this guy stopped by my desk, purposely to say “YUCK what on earth have you done to your hair it looks awful” He was laughing at me.

I ignored him but was irritated, I would never just go up to someone I hardly knew and open my mouth like that. At that moment I decided no one would ever speak to me like that again.

I few days later he went up to another woman and said “That dress you are wearing is strange” she was in a summer dress and looked lovely she was only working half the day because she was travelling that afternoon he didn’t know any of that and felt it was ok to open his mouth.  She looked really upset but luckily I was standing there and I said 

“I know you don’t mean it but sometimes the comments you have can be quite offensive” he laughed which did it for me and I said 
“OH…..so you do mean it since you find it all so hilarious” he went red and said
“oh well I won’t say anything then” and slunk off very quickly.

So there you have it….my first experience of a negative comment about my hair and really it wasn’t that serious it was just an idiot opening his mouth and I think he is the type of person who would comment on anything. So if you are thinking of going natural and you are worried about what your workplace will say, please don’t be, you will only get compliments and if you do get comments it will probably be from some fool like that guy and I am sure you could handle it. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    He sounds very ignorant and someone who seems to think he’s right and doesn’t see it any other way! I’ve always loved your hair and as much as the comment might have hurt you, I hope you remembered soon after that your hair is amazing, no matter what small minded arrogant people say!

  2. Be Strong My Sister!
    From your comment that the person turned ‘red’, I gather that the person is of a different race.
    My Caribbean work environment is all my race and many ignorant men and women have a problem with my natural appearance. So often I am asked “so what are you going to do with your hair”. My snide comments have left many of them treading very lightly with what they say to me. I am just sick and tired of dealing with people who have no appreciation to accepting the look of the way they were born, but rather feel that it has to be fixed

  3. All the best for the wedding! I agree with your conclusion, the man in question is just rude. I am glad you spoke to him because people like that tend not to stop unless they get a clear message that their opinion is not wanted.

  4. Wow exciting times ahead for you! I don’t remember reading that you were getting married. I hope it all goes smoothly and you have the day you wish for and you have an amazing honeymoon.

    Good for you for putting that guy in his place.

  5. Congrats on your soon upcoming weeding and honeymoon and great job putting this guy in his place!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just like ‘Nicole’, I too work in an Afro-Caribbean environment and have to deal with the ‘what are you doing with your hair’ type comments. Although, this has now progressed to ‘what are you doing with your hair, because this is not nice’ (my hair was in a puff), by my boss!
    I have told my boss that even if it isn’t to their liking, it is to mine!

    • Anonymous says:

      Stay strong I have the same thing happening to me on my job by my boss. I will still wear my hair in braids and twist. Its my hair at least I m being myself. They’re just afraid to be who god made them.’ The perm will thin your hair out over time .Going natural is the best thing I have done. I’m 50 years old and my hair was thinning out. After going natural x6months its grown 3 inches in the front and came back thick and so curly. I love it.

  7. You are quite right. Hope all is well with the wedding. Enjoy!