I’m back!!

After some really amazing weeks I am back. It feels so strange to return to writing and I am totally at a loss where to start.
SO much has happened in my life that I don’t feel quite like the person I was.
Firstly I got married on the 20th July and it was one of the happiest days of my life, I had so much fun and such a beautiful day, when I go through the photos I will do a full wedding report, where I tell you all, shoes, dress, hairstyle etc etc I know you are all dying to know.
I went on my honeymoon, I went to Boa Vista in Cape Verde…wow I had an amazing time again this needs a separate post you probably want to know what products I took with me – I even tried a new natural deodorant that actually works.  
I came back and even found time to take myself to the Olympics where I sat in the stadium when Usain Bolt won his 100 meters, wow wow wow!!!!!
Whilst I was away, hair was a hot topic at the Olympics, did you read about that poor Gabby Douglas the 16 year old gymnast who instead of getting applause for her gold medal everyone was asking ‘what’s going on with her hair?’ 

Gabby Douglas…I did not watch her perform. What was the problem? 
Then there was hurdler Jason Richardson with his dreadlocks sparked a debate on ‘should runners have long hair?’ since that fraction of a second makes a difference long hair could slow them down.

Jason Douglas – didnt he get silver I LOVED his hair
Also everyone is talking about poor Naomi Campbell’s hairline asking why oh why…don’t judge though that probably will never grow back so now she will probably have to stick to the wigs and weaves, remember hair doesn’t always forgive you and it might be too late for her to stop wearing them. 

Poor Poor Naomi – a lifetime of weaves did this. 

 What else…oh yes my inbox was full of people asking me if I am doing the event this year….yes October as always.  How can they get involved?  (exhibitor, speaker, volunteer, goodiebags) email me to start with. Where is it? Central London – I will announce the venue and date in a few weeks.
That’s it for now…Hope you are doing well. 


  1. Welcome back! Too right I’m waiting anxiously to see how you wore your hair on your big day :0)

    It really is sad to see Naomi’s here like that. Lesson learnt the hard way I reckon.

    Keeping my eyes peeled for you event in October, gonna find a way to waddle down to it :0)

  2. Congratulations on being a newlywed!God bless your marriage *hugs*

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  4. Congrats on the Nuptuals! Hope you have many more happy years together. Wow Cape Verde-looking forward to those pics. You have been missed.
    What’s going in with British CUrlies and Gidore? Both sites are down.And finally, when are tickets available for Naturally Fab?

    Great to have you back.
    Naturally UK