I’m going to be a hair model this Saturday

On Saturday, I am going to be in a photo shoot for a young lady who is setting up a new website to showcase her hairdressing skills.

Her name is Mary and at 19 years old she runs her own mobile hairdressing business called Papachichi Style. She has been styling hair since she was 15, for friends and family and used facebook to get business. She fine tuned her skills by visiting her aunts hair salon to learn the tricks of the trade and now wants to be more professional and have her own website. 

Since starting Papachichi she has used the money to fund her way through university for her journalism degree and because she is studying she has to have good time management. This means that she books appointments and sticks to them that way she has time for her studies. 

I am so impressed by her drive and talent and by her future goals, she hopes to train others so that she has a team of stylists all visiting people at home and that way no matter what she does in the future she will always have her business.

Mary can braid, twist, weave, carinrow, you name it and she loves Natural Hair. On Tuesday I visited her at home where she hooked me up this fab style in advance for the photoshoot. 

Flat twists and two strand twists
From the back. 

I will let you know how it all goes and post a few images here from the shoot when I get them. What do you think of the hairstyle? 



  1. congrats on the black beauty and hair mention!


  2. I like the hairstyle because it was different and showed a creative styling of natural hair. Papachichi knows her stuff!