I’m going to try out Adornment365

I booked an appointment at Adornment365. I have been before but not when I had this blog so now I will go and give you a proper review. I didn’t mention Natural Lounge when I booked so unless they read this blog they wont know, then I will be able to give you proper feedback. 

That salon is so fully booked that I wasn’t able to get in until 23rd October.. I booked a treatment and a trim and I will do before and after photos. I am going with my friend who although is natural under her wig she has never ever worn her hair out so she is having a consultation and a treatment. 

I will let you know how we both get on so watch this space!



  1. GREAT!! Can’t wait for your review!!

  2. Me neither. A friend had a peppermint treatment there last week and was very pleased with the results. Good luck!

  3. Good luck and I look forward to your review as well as the stylist’s name if possible. I still need that trim.

  4. I took my daughter there to have a hair done. Their customer service was excellent and the general ambience of the place was great. The only thing I’ll complain about is their prices. I payed £60 for treatment and twists. This is after being given a 10% discount. Twists alone are £45. I had travelled so far to have a hair done and didnt have a back up plan.
    I have also been transitioning in braids and done the BC myself. I had been toying with the idea of going there to have my hair twisted before i get the hang of doing things myself but I just cant justify spending that money. I dont know…

  5. @ Anonymous, hmmmm I should have asked how much my treatment would be. I will also let you guys know how much I got paid as well then!