I’m so over long hair!

Yesterday I went to the Petrie Museum for the Afro Comb Day.  My part in the day was simple, I just had to sit around the table with some other well known bloggers and YouTubers to discuss our hair and our combs. The group was filmed and it was a nice experience. One topic that came up was hair length and length checks.

My Last Length Check – December 2011
The conversation brought to mind the feeling that I have been having recently. I am so over Long hair on me. Two years ago all I ever wanted was long hair, I wanted it to reach my bra strap and would research and try everything I needed to get my hair there. Be it vitamins, treatments and products I just wanted it long.  For this reason I have only had it trimmed around three times in two years.  Every time they have taken more off than I liked.
But where was this coming from? Why did I feel that this need for long hair?  
As my hair got longer so did the time I spent doing it and now my hair is on my collarbone it’s not fun! Two strand twists (Especially If I want them neat) can take hours.

I had to sit down and have a think about it and I have to be honest, I really don’t know where this long hair desire came from.  I thinkit’s to do with media images of long flowing locks and that some part of me translated length to mean beauty. The problem is our hair can be so beautiful at any length.

So now my focus has changed. I don’t care much about long hair at all. I’m focussing on healthy hair and from now on that’s the number one priority. 


  1. So you gonna cut your hair?

  2. Yeah…After my wedding I will cut off a good inch or two but for now I am told to leave it alone as blunt edges don’t stay in twists.

    I’m letting it grow but that’s not a priority to me anymore healthy first.

  3. I feel you Angel! Long hair really is overrated. When I was relaxed when my hair got to my shoulder blades I’d chop it all off a là Kelly Rowland back in the day. With my locs my hair is growing (?) and even though I’m still yearning for length, I kind of miss the short locs. All I can say it I definitely appreciate short hair more now

  4. Thank you for posting this. It seems the haircut has become a negative thing for naturals. I’m a little sick of seeing people growing hair just for the sake of growing it without thinking about what looks best on them and what fits in their lifestyle.

  5. I also used to wish I had long hair. After years of trying it never grew past my neckline, even though I took good care of it, took vitamins, etc. I’m fine with it now – my hair will never be long and that’s ok with me, once it’s healthy I feel good about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing, long or short if you don’t love it and have confidence it shows no matter how long your hair is, I always think of people like grace jones and Felicia leatherwood and how gorgeous they are!
    The euro value system of beauty really has done a number on us – our skin is too dark, our noses too wide, lips too thick, hair too curly – I for one say PAH, beauty is beauty whatever it is packaged in!!

  7. Great post, healthy hair is the essence of true beauty. You could of just complained and become depressed about the bald patch in your hair that was getting worse-but instead you took action. Not only did you decide to preserve and maintain your own natural beauty, you are helping other women who are secretly suffering and smiling under their wigs!

    Keep up the great work at the Natural Lounge-let us know how we can be of service at TangledHairTechs.com

  8. Francesca Raud says:

    I found your article really insulting. Yeah, great you may have lovely long hair but many black women don’t and they want to. I mean the whole reason you are so popular is because you are a UK based black women with long hair.
    Of course not everyone wants long hair but don’t bite the hand that feeds you it is really insulting.
    I only go to black hair websites to find out how to have long hair and everytime I go to your website you benefit from it financially so please have a bit of respect for your readership.
    Why do I feel the need for long hair, why do I do I want to be fat, have a great career etc. It’s a personal goal and should not be critised.

  9. @Francesca

    Sorry that you found the article insulting, I was saying that I didn’t want long hair to be my goal, the health of my hair was more important weather it’s long or short.

    I was not criticising anyone at all. I was trying to explain how I got so wrapped up in long hair and now I am over it. In fact if we all concentrated on the health of our hair, the length would just be a side effect.

    Unfortunately I don’t benefit financially from your visit and I don’t get any money at all from writing The Natural Lounge. Everything I put here is entirely from my heart and I have no other motives other than being a natural hair ambassador and promoting healthy hair and hair care across the UK.

    I hope that helps – I’m still here to help you grow yours….