Interview with Belinda Raj – BeUNIQUE Hair Care

Belinda Raj

Belinda Raj is a popular vlogger and has been on YouTube since August 2009. She currently lives in Kent but was born and brought up in South East London. As well as being a full time Media and Film teacher she formed her company BeUNIQUE last year. Recently she has been distributing samples of one of the products her Mango Twist. This has been getting rave reviews so I thought I would catch up with her to find out more. 

Q. Hi Belinda so why did you set up the YouTube Channel? 
I set up the channel after finding it difficult to find any UK naturals on YouTube. BeUNIQUE Hair Care Ltd was formed in June 2010, after making the decision to try and launch it as a real business. 

Q. It wasn’t always called BeUNIQUE Hair Care though was it, you were originally 4Nappiness4eva why the name change and why the move?
I started 4Nappiness4Eva because I felt that there was a lack of (in fact at the time I found just 2) UK naturals on YouTube. When the American ladies were talking about products they had used I soon realised that I couldn’t get them over here. I wanted to be someone that British ladies could relate too. I started the new channel because I wanted to create a channel that would be the face of my brand and in essence create a channel that marked a new journey for me and that would be the journey of me trying to get my business off the ground. 

Q. You are one of the few people I know that did the big chop all the way – you actually took it all off and looked stunning with it, what did people say?
My husband was in shock! I warned him that I was going to do it and he was the only one with any foreknowledge that the decision to do the big chop was on my mind. He came home one day and there I was with his clippers in my hand looking in the bathroom mirror struggling to shave the back, I asked for assistance and he walked back out lol. I sent out a picture when I did the big chop and everyone was in shock, my Mum said that she couldn’t look at me as she felt I looked like a cancer patient. I was a bigger shock when I did it a second time! 

After the Big Chop

Q. LOL wait you did it twice? Why? 
I dyed my hair blonde, then I used what I thought was a natural relaxer, a product by Fresh Look described as ‘Bodiphier Natural Hair Relaxer’, personally I feel it was no different to a real relaxer, I then dyed my hair again this time black because I felt that this would disguise the dryness but I was wrong! I tried to trim the ends of my poor TWA using my husbands clippers yet again, but then I thought, hey, why not just start again, and no, I will not do it ever again. I would say that if you are thinking about going natural, I would most definitely tell everyone to just take it ALL off, it’s a very liberating experience, and I was lucky enough to experience it twice. 

Blonde Hair Dye

Big Chop II

Q. I really often wish I too had done that but lets rewind, why did you decide to go natural in the first place? 
I have always loved my hair and people have always complemented me on my hair with regards to the length and its ability to grow very fast. So when my hair started thinning at the hairline I was quite disturbed, I tried using growth aids but nothing happened. I decided it was time to get rid of the relaxer I thought that was the only solution. I didn’t think that long about it because I had always liked my natural hair, I just got a relaxer cause my friends had one. 

Q. I just recently read an article where a man threatened to leave his wife over her ‘nappy hair’ did it cause problems with you and your hubby? 
 No, not at all although he himself had reservations about me going natural he now says he sees the benefits and that he thinks natural hair is beautiful. He would tell other women to go for it! 

Belinda & her Husband 

Q. You modelled at Naturally Fabulous and took part in the London Belle’s Photoshoot what was that experience like?
I LOVED IT! Taking part in events like that and meeting people at events like that has just revealed a whole new level of sisterhood to me. Everyone is so supportive and complementary and genuinely nice! I am by nature a quiet person and not very sociable but going on this journey and meeting the people I have has made me develop as a person inside and out. All of the women who took part in the photoshoot had great spirit and working with Mahogany and LeAnne was great, I can’t wait for the magazine to come out!  

Q. Well the main reason why I’m interviewing you today is because I heard on the grapevine you are actually setting up your own product range – how exciting, tell me about it?
Very early on in my journey I decided to become a ‘Kitchen Beautician’, simply out of necessity, as many products sold at the local beauty supply store contained ingredients that weren’t beneficial to healthy hair growth or maintenance. My Mum also influences me as she is into alternative medicine and believes that Aloe Vera and Wheat Grass (Urgh!) are the cure for all aliments! Joking aside she believes that there is a natural alternative to every prescribed drug, I took that thinking and applied to hair products. I search out and research lesser known butters and oils and create unique formulations that will do the same if not better things for your hair than off the shelf products. I believe that your hair is your crown and should wear it like a queen; my products will support the process of preserving, styling and maintaining healthy kinky coily hair. 

Q. I have been actually one of the lucky few to try out your ‘Mango Twist’ and everyone is raving about and I can put my hands up and say it really does work, can you explain what it is, how people use it, how much it is and when oh when will it be available? 
Mango Twist started off as a water free hair balm and after almost 2 years it can now be described as a moisturising styling cream for twists and braids, every ingredient serves its own discreet purpose. You can use it on dry on damp hair, damp is best, smooth it through small sections of hair and twist or braid, when you’re ready take down the twists or braids and you will have excellent definition and shine. I couldn’t live without it! I am aiming to have the product on the market early next year. £8.95 (125g) £13.95 (250g) 

Belinda I am wishing you lots of luck with it. Readers, you can visit Belinda’s Website by going to there you will also find a link to her YouTube Channel



  1. Wow! and Kudos to you for doing the big shave twice! Love what you’re doing!