Interview with Bespoke Hairstyles

Mel left, Hug right 

Melissa Blake & Huguette Lawson otherwise known as Bespoke Hairstyles are UK based Natural Hair Stylists who provide a natural hair styling & locking service. Based in the London Barking area they don’t use heat when styling and they use their fingers more than combs. They recently joined me for a catch up in The Natural Lounge, here is what they had to say.

I have always wanted to find out, why did you choose that name?
We wanted to provide a tailor made hair styling service and Bespoke just made sense.

How did you start up?
We dreamt, planned, saved researched saved some more then started working on varied hair types.  We continue that process today ….dreaming, investing, planning researching, learning & sharing.
For people that don’t know, what sorts of styles do you do?
We work with Sisterlocks (small sizes), Traditional Locks (bigger size locks) Loose Afros and extensions. Dependent on service required we work with clients who have chemically treated and natural hair. We tend to specialise in flat twist styles. 

Flat twists on natural hair 

What products do you use? Any favourites?
We work with mostly natural products or products that are natural based we keep on learning how varied oils work on different hair types and the importance of water on afro hair. We both like Castor Oil, great to encourage growth & fullness and can’t twist without Mango Twist produced by BeUnique Hair Care

Yes I actually really like that product, so what don’t you like? I know a stylist that hates dying hair blonde just because of the damage it does, do you have any styles or processes that you don’t like doing? 
We love working with all hair types and we are enjoying learning about them. What we feel is damaging is people choosing to go natural and not really understanding how unique their hair is to themselves. Be careful of comparing your hair to others it will only lead to you not enjoy your hair. Our challenge is always managing expectations from clients when they ask for styles which would never translate the same way on their hair type. We really need to appreciate the movement of our hair rather than clean fine partings. This is partly why we have the high traction alopecia situation within our community. 

(Sigh) yes traction alopecia. Have seen the news about Ms Campbell’s hairline? Do you think she is beyond hope? What advice would you give anyone with a thinning hairline? 
Melissa did a YouTube video on this you can check it out on our YouTube channel. However in relation to thinning hair lines, there are many tips i.e Castor Oil, No pulling and making sure that whoever is touching your hair does so with knowledge of your hair loss/thinning situation. When it hurts, that’s your follicle warning you of long term damage. So make sure you tell your stylist if they are hurting you. 


My hair – well you have styled it and you know it is the thick and very very curly type.  I almost have to live in protective styles because when I have it out the ends get dry and knotty. Sometimes I just want my hair out thought will I always have to be this way? 
Yes Mrs Dike, this is your hair.  When out keep it spritzed to prevent it from drying. I have even got a video about this too on our channel. You have quick drying hair and you need to have practices in place to help keep your strands continually hydrated.

Thank you that is helpful, I am aware that between you have six children, how to you manage to balance work and childcare?
Hubbies and Grandparents mostly.

Childrens’s Hairstyling
Mothers often find it difficult styling their children’s hair, do you have any top tips?
On our YouTube Channel we have a few videos which will give you good advice, but always work from wet and no rushing. Ease up when it hurts them always think of words you use to describe their hair. You must teach them to work with their own hair no comparisons please. Our hair is unique.

Thank you both, finally how can people contact you?
Facebook :bespokehairstyles  and ​MelissaInHair (FAN PAGE)
Twitter :  HairByMH
and of course YouTube Melissa Blake