Do you know that moment, when you are walking past another natural and you see her hair and it’s looking amazing or you are sitting behind her on the bus and that twist out she is wearing looks hot to trot? Sometimes you just want to say something but not quite sure what to or how to?

Well I have a solution. I have created StyleCards!! They are the size of business cards and when you see someone with hair you admire you hand one to them.
On the front they say ‘you are naturally beautiful’ and on the back they say ‘I gave you this card today because not only are you wearing your hair natural, you are wearing it with style and you look fantastic. I thought you might like to hear it”

I will be handing them out to every single natural I see. But here is the deal. You can’t keep it. Once you have one you must pass it on to the next natural you see looking good…and so on and so on…

I have created a special page here so when you get one make sure you tell us where, when and how you felt I look forward to hearing your stories. Let’s spread the Natural Love!!

Click here for The Stylecard Page



  1. Angel, this is a bloody brilliant idea! You could make a business out of this. I’m gonna get one can I have a handful?

  2. @ TK of course, I can send 20 in the post if you click on the stylecard page you can get some.

  3. I love this idea! I wonder if the cards will make it around the world. That would be a beautiful thing.

  4. I love this, Angel! I’ll spread the word 🙂

  5. Fantastic idea- I am pointing my readers to you for this- many of them are in the US-Lets make this worldwide baby!!!
    Jah Bless