Jamaican Police Women Fight for their Natural Hair

I’ve been wearing twists at the moment quite a lot, but tonight I was thinking about taking them out and having a twist out for work tomorrow. I didn’t think twice about how my employer would feel, after all to them it’s just hair and as long as it’s presentable they don’t care.  But if I was a Jamaican policewoman well the only style I could have would be a wig or a relaxer!

I read an article published in the Gleaner last week all about the suffering of the women in the Jamaican police force. Apparently in the November 2010 Force Orders they were told that the only natural hairdo accepted by the constabulary was fine corn or cane rows. The order states there should be no weaves, extensions or braids, rope twist, Chinese or Nubian bumps, dreadlock twists or fat plaits. However (rolls eyes) they are allowed European or Asian-looking wigs or straightening with relaxers.

Police Commissioner Ellington – who gave the orders 
Apparently the situation is getting worse and since the order women have had to go back to relaxer or keep their jobs.  How gutting is that? I am disgusted really.  Women should be allowed to wear whatever they want to on their head, they should have a choice in their own hairstyles and have to be allowed to wear their hair the way it naturally grows from their head. Otherwise that is discrimination.

I really wish there was a way we in the UK could support them for now all I can do is highlight their struggle and shake my head! Sad isnt it?

To read the full article click the link below 
Policewomen Fight To Wear Afrocentric ‘Dos



  1. wow…thats really annoying to know that it is actually something they have to do to keep their jobs…..thats nonsense.I hope they win…cos thats just appalling.

  2. I’m not surprised. I do hope these women win though!

  3. Sadly when it comes to natural hair the Caribbean is behind the times. Some jobs will not allow natural hair, (braids, locs etc) even in primary school in some areas it can sometimes be a challenge. Yes its sad. Good on the Jamaican ladies for forcing the point. I wish them luck fighting for their rights.

  4. @ Matlida, I have to agree with you, its not good is it?

    @Trecia, I’m not surprised either its a shame though isn’t it?

    @MsXpat, you are not wrong since I published that article so many people have been saying the same as you. I really hope they overcome this.