Natural Inspriation – Kandace Chimbiri

Kandace Chimbiri.

Kandace Chimbiri.


What’s your name and where do you live?

Kandace Chimbiri. I live in London.

When did you go natural and why?

I’m not really sure why!  I’ve been natural for at least ten years.   I never got on that well with relaxers but I had them in my twenties and early thirties, I also had Jheri curls when they were in (I’m showing my age here).

I’ve been really surprised the past few years when people say to me ‘oh you’ve gone natural now’ – I’ve been natural for at least a decade but I did wear braids with extensions a lot of the time.  I also wore my natural hair cornrowed up with a pony-tail hair piece attached so I guess it wasn’t obvious that I was natural.  Now, I don’t add any pieces or extensions.  I like my hair as uncovered as possible!

When I wore rows at the front and a piece on the back people didn't realise I was natural

When I wore rows at the front and a piece on the back people didn’t realise I was natural


How would you describe your hair and texture?

Very coily!  It hardly appears longer, as it grows it just curls up more.

How do you take care of your hair?

I find I’m so busy that I don’t make the time to have regular trims and professional treatments as I would like. I’m writing my third children’s book (to accompany the Origins of the Afro comb exhibition this year).  I have to keep my routine REALLY quick and simple at the moment.  I just co-wash every one or two weeks.  I twist my hair at night.  In the morning, I just untwist, finger comb out and I’m done.

After a co-wash and finger detangling

After a co-wash and finger detangling

I try all different conditioners and products.  I like Black Earth products.  I don’t get time to go to shops often so I read all the Natural Lounge reviews carefully.  If I like the sound of something, I just buy online.   The last product I bought was the Okra Moisturizer from The Woollen Head Company.  I just had to buy something made from okras!


What are your words of Inspirations for our readers?

Be your own inspiration.  Look within to be the best version of you.  We all have our own individual hair journey.  Our hair stories are meant to be unique.


Kandace with one of her Children's Books

Kandace with one of her Children’s Books with some Children on Time out with Auntie Toks


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