Let’s help Rosa

I got this email in my inbox from a young lady called Rosa Garman and she needs our help. She wants each of us to fill out a survey that she has created and send it back to her. Read on   

Dear Angel

I’m studying at Edinburgh University and am currently writing my dissertation on the politics that surround Black women’s hair in Britain. I feel that the issues that surround Black hair are extremely important to discuss and are not talked about enough in academia and I really want to give women more of a voice on this subject because it’s surprising how little our white counterparts know about the importance of hair in our culture. As well as writing my dissertation I plan to collect all the hair stories I receive together and formulate them into an independent magazine and send each person who takes part a copy in November, which is the deadline of my project. All entries will be anonymous unless people ask for their names to be used which will hopefully give women more freedom to write exactly what they feel.


So if you are interested in taking part in the survey please email Rosa at yourhairstory@hotmail.co.uk