Love and Hate – Afros in the News..

I have seen mixed messages in the media about our Afros this week. 

Did you see the Metro newspaper today? It had a picture of Aevin Dugas she is the “Proud owner of the Worlds Largest Afro measuring 1.32m (4f 4in)” Thats one big and beautiful Fro! 

There is also an interview of her on BBC News (click here to see it) Its all over the internet and she is being praised for such great hair.

In the same week however did you see the article in the Mirror newspaper about Solange Knowles? It was titled “Solange Knowles steps out with big hair” and showed this beautiful image of her.

(Pic: Getty)

Then underneath they wrote “PREGNANT Beyonce’s belly is growing by the day – and so, it seems, is her sister Solange’s afro. That baby is in for a shock when it claps eyes on Auntie” (Click here to see it) Offensive or what?

It seems that when it comes to our hair, we just can’t win! 



  1. We can win, but the only way for us to win is to not look to the current media for approval about our hair. We need to create our own outlets for folicular expression where we can advise and praise ourselves. Otherwise we are always going to seeking a little crumb of acceptance from theses fools!

  2. Folicular expression — I love it! lol

  3. We’ve already won everyday we set out to wear our hair in it’s natural state. Solange is a beautiful woman and there’s no way that they can deny that.

    Every thing these day’s is based upon popularity and since Solange is not as well known as her sister in the mainstream she’s going to be rendered invisible by the mainstream media. It’s our job to render her relevant and a trendsetter and believe me they’re taking notes.

    BTW, I find the British press just as bad as the American press when it comes to maligning celebrities.

  4. @TK and Divalocity – you both are SO RIGHT!!