My 2010 Hair Story

In January I went Natural after transitioning for 13 months. I went to ‘Another Dye Mention’ hair salon where they cut in into shape and I was ready. I had spent the previous year reading everything to do with Natural hair online and felt finally ready.

My First Natural Photo. 

In February, man I wish I had done the BC, suddenly I had this full head of hair and learning to work with it was hard, my styling technique was the puff I needed to learn new styles quickly so I read lots of books on the subject.

In March, I fell in love with YouTube and started to learn how to style my hair by watching channels by now I was an expert, with the books, the blogs, internet and now YouTube I felt like I had a degree in the subject.

In April, I had locked down two strand twists, flat twists and I felt pretty cute but was becoming more and more annoyed with the lack of natural hair information from the UK point of view.

In May well it was my birthday. 

Happy Birthday to me! 

In June I started The Natural Lounge. One of the first blogs to talk about our hair from a UK point of view and within two weeks I had over 100 readers and it grows daily, I love it and intend to grow even more next year.

In July after returning from a lovely holiday in Thailand my hair was now chin length, I decided to plan a meet up event as in the US they happen all the time.

In August I was featured in Lime Magazine talking about my natural hair story, it felt good to get press coverage. Also this was the month my boyfriend started to really love my hair and he wrote me a beautiful letter.

My hair was getting longer…

In September I appeared on colourful radio talking all about the Natural Lounge and Natural Hair. Thank you to all of you that tuned in.

In October I held one of the UK’s first natural hair meet ups it was a huge success and was attended by over 100 women and completely sold out. Now at least four of the people that attended are holding their own meet ups next year. I am happy to inspire people and with this much competition you know that my next meet up is going to be even better than the first.

In November my mum said she was going natural, for me this was a huge achievement for me as mum has spent at least 30 years relaxing her hair. I felt so proud. I also was listed as one of the top five hair blogs in black beauty and hair magazine 

In December I thought all about the fabulous year I had with not only my hair but in my personal life as well. I hope you had a great 2010. In 2011 I wish for you, not only lots of hair growth, but a prosperous year full of love and achievement.

Happy New year love Angel x


  1. Well, let me be one of the first to extend a heartfelt congratulations and a THANK YOU! For all your amazing work. I look forward to always coming to your blog and educating myself. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

    PS., this was also the year I went natural and this is one of the blogs that has helped me through my journey.

  2. Well done on your achievements in 2010 and all the best in 2010!!!
    Will definitely try and come to your next meet up (hopefully it will be in summer as that when my ‘from comes out to