My Hair this week (and an interesting story)

So this week I was hooked up with this amazing style from a friend of mine. I really love it and hope you do.

My Hair this week - Angel Dike

My Hair this week – Angel Dike

I guess when you get your hair styled in a way that you like it reflects in your body language and way that you walk. You feel good about yourself and people talk to you.   I had lot of questions and compliments on the street.  Even some backpackers from Europe were asking me where they could get their hair done like it and if it hurt. I was amused.

The other day I was travelling on the train home from work and sat opposite a pretty black woman with waist length straight blonde hair and those extra long fake lashes that looked like dead spiders. It wasn’t really Beyonce style it looked like a hot mess to be honest. (Lets hope she never reads this lol).

Before people start getting upset I never judge anyone with a weave or wig as you have no idea what is going on underneath. Some people have lost their hair and are not confident; others just want to change up once in a while.

One time I heard about this lady that had a weave on top of a weave but I never thought I would meet someone with a weave, wig and a relaxer all on the same head! Let me just write out the conversation as I remember it.

Lady  “Wow your hair looks amazing!”

Me (smiling nicely)  “Thank you”

Lady   “Is it all yours? I love natural styles”

Me “Yes, it’s mine and its natural”

Lady “I’m natural too under this”

Me “Ok that’s nice”

Lady “well…natural apart from this front bit” and she pulled out some front to show me “I relaxed this bit to blend in”

Me (nodded and smiled)

Lady “…and this bit at the back, I relaxed this too because then I could put it up when I want to”

Me “Oh right, does the weave get hot then? Sometimes you have to wear it up?”

Lady “Oh it’s not a weave, it’s a wig, well some of it’s a wig and some a weave”

Me “Huh?”

Lady (laughing) “well the front and the back are relaxed, I got this wig but it’s not long enough so I had a weave in back to
give it length and I have the wig on top, it all sort of bends together”

Me (laughing too) “I’m confused, you have a wig weave and relaxer….”

Lady “Yeah but the rest is natural, I’m natural”

Me “Oh!”

What else could I say?



  1. That is hilarious! I can\\\’t think of anything else I would have said either! Loolol

  2. Hair looks really nice by the way! xx

  3. Do not mess with the diversity on Afro Hair. Lol. I am all for doing everything with your hair, but maybe not at the same time.

  4. wait what????? a weave, a wig, a relaxer … and she natural too??? lol thats hilarious