My Natural Hair Story

Whoop Whoop I am in the latest Lime Magazine, Page 29 where I talk all about my Natural Hair Journey, the Natural Lounge and how I relaxed my hair until I started going bald (yeah I know very sad) Have you seen it? What did you think?  You can also read it online here

That photo of me in my red coat was taken by  Angus of Angus D Photography. I begged him to take some images of me with my natural hair and as you can see it’s the basic puff with a few cainrows in the side.

Just before this style I wore another one which I wanted to show you to give you some hair inspiration. 

For this style obviously the side was still cainrowed but I tied it back leaving a small section out in the front. I tied the back tighter so the puff was smaller then in the front I twisted it then I accessorised the whole thing with a flower.  

From the side
From the font
Here you can see the top better
Other Side
LOL This is me kissing teeth – no photoshoot is complete without an outtake
I love my hair!!

Angus will be the photographer at our Natural Lounge Meet Up

For more information about Angus D Photography visit the website



  1. I enjoyed the article which I found in my pack from YBW. It’s fascinating to hear what served to catalyse a rethink of straightening our coils.

    I had been thinking about finding a way to get more UK naturals and those interested in becoming natural to assemble, share tips etc, swap products, so was glad to see you have started it!

    Gutted, gutted, I can’t be there, but if you guys do continue afterwards I’ll race there after work!

  2. @Bobbie so glad you liked the article. I’m thinking we need an afterparty at this rate. The response so far is good.

  3. You look beautiful in the pics and the article is great!

  4. @Angel, btw in the future if you need me to help with anything just holla, did you get my esnail? we emailed each other in July.

  5. pretty pictures, so natural

  6. @Angelina, glad you liked the article

    @Bobbie, yeah I know I have a MAJOR backlog of emails its crazy

    @Christielove, thank you hun – I did the make up myself and Angus is a great photographer!