My Natural Meet Up at Africa Utopia

When wearing our natural hair was in its infancy, The Natural hair meet up, was simply that.  A group of like minded women, meeting up to stop, chat and talk hair. Believe you me, we can fill up a whole afternoon with hair talk. These women would often make friends and great number of hair care tips on products, salons, routines, they were informative, fun and gave everyone a sense of belonging

Slowly the humble meet up has evolved, now we have major events, where women can go to, shop, listen to seminars, watch fashion shows, the community is huge.

So when I was asked to host a Natural Meet up at the Africa Utopia festival in Southbank I was delighted. A meet up it was going to be.

With the help of Elle and Neecie from Natural Hair Daily and only an hour to fill, we decided that the best format was to have the attendees sit in a circle (no matter the size). We went around the room and everyone introduced themselves, and then it was time for hair talk. Someone would ask a question and the whole group would answer, it was lovely.

Some of the questions were…“Where can I go to the hairdresser?” “I am scared to put colour on my hair, what advice would you give?” “I don’t know how to style” “I work in a corporate environment and I just don’t have time” “what products should I use?”

The answers that people gave were very informative and people had great ideas. Through our own hair journeys we have become experts. Afterwards we even had time for a little networking

Here are some pics by  Natural Hair Daily and Abiodun Photography


Me with Neecie Gold (on the Mic) and Elle Jourdainne of Natural Hair Daily. That bow is from the Swap Meet event I had last year


Yes men attended, and this guy always had long natural hair but he recently big chopped


This stunning creature in the middle described her hair at being in the awkward stange…WOW if that is awkward then cant we all be?


Seriously? Awkward? I think more like HOT TO TROT – don’t be afraid of the big chop peeps!


Elle giving advice, this lady wanted help with her daughters hair – I respect that!


That head wrap was killing it!


Africa Utopia was a great day for me, the shopping was fantastic and as I previously mentioned the seminar I attended was really good. Perhaps you might check it out next year, and if I host another meet up stop by 🙂

Check out Natural Hair Daily, my wonderful co-hosts at Instagram: NaturalHairDaily | Twitter: @DailyNatural | Facebook: NaturalHairDaily | Youtube: NaturalHairDaily



  1. yet again I missed a lovely event … sigh… I have to mention that my first ever hair event was one that you hosted back in 2011 and think it was. The vibe was warm and friendly. I’ll never forget that.