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What is Natural Belle?
Natural Belle is a hair, fashion and beauty blog it’s my baby. In the real world I work in the hair industry, I work for a salon in Chelsea. I’m 27 years young and have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and Fashion Illustration. I started blogging track to my own natural hair journey.
What made you decide to go natural?
I am natural now for the third time in ten years.
Wow, tell us about that.
Every time I grew my hair out natural I was bombarded with images of black women with long flowing hair, I would often cave as young women do.
Belle with relaxed hair
Two and a half years ago. I had grown my hair out successfully for the second time but I went and relaxed it as I wanted a heavy fringe. (I’m ever the dedicated follower of fashion and it looked good) I grew it out to a nice length then I started to cut into it a shaved one side style. Sadly I started getting obsessed; I started thinking about my hair like men think about sex…yes every three seconds. I was obsessed with thickness and length as much as I was addicted to relaxing my hair. It had to go I got sick of the stress on my hair and on my physique. I figured third time lucky shaved my hair off.
Shaved on one side

Now I’m never growing it back! I love the shaved look. I’m the bold chick over there in the rain looking fly because she didn’t have to twist or wrap her hair this morning. Natural hair is my passion. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about my hair style.
Belle today
That’s fantastic. You mentioned that in the past you were bombarded with images of long flowing hair. Some women still feel that this is sign of beauty, what would you say to these women?
It does not surprise me that women still see beauty as long hair light skin etc. This is what we are bombarded with in the media. If you are told that there is one kind of beauty that let’s face it most if us will never be able to achieve it! This is what blogs are here for, to highlight all types of beauty and hopefully mainstream media will catch onto this and show all types of women.
Belle is right; I think that Dove adverts have tried to do this.

Belle, even short hair needs some upkeep, what do you do to keep yours in shape?
I’m a wash and go kind of girl now! I wash my scalp with a mild baby shampoo and oil my scalp with a mixture of organic oils. I keep my hair looking sharp at Hari’s Hair Salon in Chelsea
Any words of wisdom?
Whatever you decide to do with your hair be true to who you are it’s your hair and your style so, just do you!
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  2. she is beautiful esp with the big chop