Natural Blogger- Kagem Tibaijuka

I dont usually post two profiles a week, but I loved Kagems fro and enjoy her blog, Charcoal Ink .Its a website about Natural Hair and the business behind it, so if you get chance, check it out.

Kagem Tibaijuka

Tell us about yourself
I am from Tanzania, but a child of two parents who moved around the world a lot. I spent most of my educational years in England, so I see that as a home from home. Charcoal Ink was started in 2007 and has been a feature of my life since.  

When did you go natural?
I went natural in the first term of university. I went natural because I was actually just sick of not seeing what my actual hair looked like. I transitioned and I was doing all sorts of hair styles like Geisha-esque updos, quiffs, twists. It was the start of something new. 

How do you take care of your hair?
I would say I am someone who doesn’t have a regime as such. I think eating plays a huge part in the health of your hair, so look at what you put into your mouth. Week to week, I would say that I keep my hair wrapped up when I am at home and I comb it out in an Afro puff when going out. 

What’s the worst thing you ever did to your hair in the past?
Relax it. Nothing against ladies who relax, but relaxing for me just did not work. Singed scalps and lots of other things that simply did not work for me!

Kagem with her fro 
What’s your favourite product and where do you buy it?
This is a great question, and incredibly hard. I would say the best product for my hair is coconut oil of any variety as long as it is real coconut oil. I love how soft it makes my hair ready to be styled. I also like that tropical scent it has in your hair too. In terms of brands, I like Dark and Lovely for colouring my hair, and I like Organic Root Stimulator for their olive oils. 
Your words of wisdom?
The best advice I can give to someone going natural is look for inspiration but more importantly be your own inspiration. It’s great to go natural, but don’t listen to what people say, especially if it is bad. You are only responsible for yourself. Don’t stop going natural because you think you won’t fit in or whatever – just go for it!

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  1. Amanda Wilkinson says:

    HAIR Porn alert her hair is stunning

  2. Wow!! She has really beautiful hair. It is so inspiring to see.

  3. Thanks for all your lovely comments and thanks to Angel for interviewing me!


  4. @ Amanda and Ondo Lady, yes that fro is beautiful, this is where I want my hair to be!

    @Kagem, thank you for the great pictures as you can see your hair is an inspiration