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When I started The Natural Lounge I didn’t ever thing I would attract naturals from around the globe but here we have N’na who is a natural lifestyle blogger who wanted to tell you about her blog. N’na is currently transitioning.

N’na herself 

My name is N’nako, I go by N’na I was born in West Africa and have lived in Europe and Africa before officially moving to the USA after I graduated from High school! I studied Industrial Hygiene at Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana where I met my husband and we moved to the South after graduation. I have been living in the South of the USA for the past 10 I am a mother of three (I home school my children) I am also a gift and card designer. My blog is called Good Health Diva

So what is your blog all about?
Good Health Diva is all about being healthy, improving the quality of our lives with simple and natural things. I combine my passion for gardening, art, photography and health to talk about things that I believe everyone can relate to regardless of their preferences. No matter what color we are and what kind of hair we like we all need to have healthy bodies and a healthy lifestyle. Good health is the core regardless of whether I talk about natural hair, or the propriety of certain herbs, or give suggestions to pamper ourselves with natural ingredients.

What made you start it?
My best friend in New Jersey kept insisting that I needed to start writing for other people’s enjoyment. I seemed to always know something about everything whether it was tips for weight loss or decorating or Green living. So since I am so used sharing my tips and ideas with friends she felt that others should benefit from the inspiration.
At first I was hesitant because I have never blogged and knew nothing about it. However, my friend was persistent, I gave in and got started in January of this year. It was like my New Year resolution as I started the blog on December 31st 2010.

I use natural hair products which have no effect on me or the environment I cannot say the same about my body or makeup products, anything you would recommend?
For my body I love to use olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil! I prefer them to lotion or I actually add some to the lotions I use it makes them easier to apply. I do not wear make-up except on a very rare occasion so I would not be a good adviser on the subject except to simply abstain as much as you can and to never go to sleep with make up on. I like to use a lot of natural items for facial masks and even for cleansing my face and I do offer some recipes on my blog so I don’t think much of using make up. I am comfortable with my natural beauty (smiles)!

N’na’s Egg and Coffee Facial Mask 

On your blog you mention that you like gardening, is there anything we can grow at home that we can use on our hair?
Yes I love gardening and use herbs for homemade pedicure and other beauty treats. I grow rosemary and lemongrass and they can each be boiled and used as a rinse for your hair. I have read that rosemary strengthen your hair and help with growth but since my hair has always been very healthy I am not in position to claim that it works wonder for me. I am just having fun with natural homemade products.

Any other advice?
It takes a healthy lifestyle to have very healthy hair. What we eat and do greatly affects our hair growth. People have always asked me what was the secret to my healthy hair and it took me a while to realise that my biggest secret is probably the fact that I eat and live healthy. Some might argue that even with that they don’t have very healthy hair but regardless of the ultimate quality of your hair you still want to improve the quality of your life and that’s where having a better body and a better life the natural way come in.

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  1. Africa Brown says:

    Hey, you are transitioning now!! I love that. Well done and N’nako. Love your story. I am going to repost the one you did for me!! Keep up the fabulous work sister!! xx

  2. Thank you Angel for featuring me on your great blog.
    @ Africa Brown, hello sis, thank you for always being so encouraging. Xoxo!

  3. You look great. I like you blog. Keep posting.

  4. Great figure