Natural Hair in the UK

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The world is slowly catching on, its a fact that more and more women are going Natural and I love it. The other day I was interviewed by a website called Healthista where writer Moraima Capellan Pichardo has put together a very interested article called “Why more women are putting down the straighteners and embracing their natural curls”  In the article she has some interesting facts including this..

“The report also stated that the ‘natural hair trend” has increase the sales of styling products for natural hair in the UK and that in 2013 70 percent of Black women currently wear or have worn their hair natural with 53 percent having worn braids and 41 percent having worn locks”

Have a read and let me know what you think did you like my tips for Natural Hair?

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  1. Spot on Angel, that was good advice :0) I confess I do get tempted to try new things because I’ve not found full complement of products that work with my hair. I’m still seeking a the best styling product one that’s rich and creamy but not too heavy.

  2. I hear you, that neverending search, although at the moment I think I am actually getting to the point where there are products I am enjoying and have been sticking to.