Natural Hair won’t suit you! But it’s my hair?

Negativity faced by people thinking about going natural

I wore my natural hair out in January this year and at some point I will have to tell you about my personal hair journey.
Whilst I was transitioning, I mentioned to lots of people that I intended to wear my hair natural you wouldn’t believe how much negativity I got. This is why today I have decided to post some of the comments so that you can see that most of its nonsense and unnecessary fear surrounding natural hair.  
Natural hair won’t suit you.
This left me worried and nervous until I realised that it’s actually my hair, something I was born with so why wouldn’t it suit me. The same people are now telling me how nice my hair looks.
Your hair is too thick to go natural
I was mainly told this by hairdressers and I was afraid.  I didn’t actually know the texture of my own hair and I had never had the chance to play with it in its natural state. What foolish talk this was. If you are told this don’t listen at all. Your hair is not too thick, thin, curly or kinky to become natural. I have seen sistas with the thickest hair rock the most beautiful styles. Trust me it’s all about working with what you have. My hair is thick but with the right products and proper care I have been able to do really nice things with my hair. Once you start reading the profiles that I will post you will see that all types of hair can be natural.
Natural hair is too hard to manage (or you have to be stylish and creative to wear natural hair.)
This is nonsense it’s no harder to manage than any other hairstyle. I find it less time consuming and less stressful than my 5 hours in the hair salon on Saturday mornings. I have actually enjoyed being creative with my own hair as prior to becoming natural I let my hairdresser do everything hair related. Also afro puff is the easiest style in the world and suits everyone.
Black men don’t like women with natural hair.
LOL – my man actually wants to do a post for this site about how he loves me more because of my hair. Saying that black men don’t like natural hair is foolish brothers are still leaning out of cars and running me down the same way they always did.  In fact the appeal is widened now with even white guys approaching me.

Natural hair is not for professional workplaces
Now this can really make you worried but I did not have a problem at work at all and I work in a very professional environment. The day I wore my hair for the first time it was like I had been on a celebrity makeover my colleagues LOVED it. Just make sure it’s presentable and professional and you will be fine.
Its worth noting that I only ever got negative comments by black people, I have found that to most white people it really is just curly hair and they are not thinking about it in any other way.
Have any of these comments ever put you off going natural?



  1. Inspiring post.

  2. Girl i’ve heard them all! so right now what annoys me, is when my mom constantly asks me “so what you going to do with your hair now? you leaving it so?”

  3. I just did a blog on natural hair and the work place check it out –

  4. thats the same thing i said in one of my blogs…it’s MY hair, i was born with it, it’s gonna look right!

    follow my blog:

  5. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes… (actually, it’s probably most of the times!)
    Somehow the idea that natural hair is not beautiful has been ingrained in women. Most of it is subconscious as we’re surrounded by images of straight black hair all the time in the media. Any girl growing up would ultimately assume that that’s what hair should look like.

    There’s a lot of confusion out there and we need to fix up!

  6. I find it so disheartening that so many people come across negativity when they decide to go back to their natural hair. I haven’t received negativity from I had a 2mm cut to now almost 2 years on and it’s always out.

    It’s really sad especially for younger girl who are more concerned about people’s perception of them.

    So sad..

  7. Just came across your blog on Vexinthecity. It’s fabulous! I despair at some of my girlfriends who also repeat some of these untruths. One of my friends prefers to sew a wig onto her head rather than wear her hair natural. She is a barrister and reckons it is not an acceptable look at the bar! I went natural 16 years ago when I was thinking about becoming a journalist. Some said wait until you get a job until you do it – but I just felt such a strong urge to do it that I couldn’t.
    In 2005 I got a job on the Daily Mail newspaper and I think if I can work there with dreadlocks, it definitely is cool to wear natural hair in the workplace.

  8. @ Butterfly Jones, thank you for stopping by. I love your story that’s my morning inspiration

  9. @Tsahi: My mum says this to me as well whenever I wear my hair in an afro puff.

  10. @NappturalTripletMum


  11. Thanks for this post. You will give more women the courage to appreciate the fact that they have natural hair. And block their ears from negativity!!!