Natural Inspiration – Alicia Thornthwaite

What’s your name and where do you live? 
Alicia  but on my Blog Afro Deity I use the handle  Leilu Dallas. I live in Cambridgeshire.
When did you go natural and why?
I started transitioning in March 2012. I wanted to go natural mainly because as my daughter was getting older(she is now 2) I felt I was setting a bad example for her and even wrote about it here  I also had enough of the chemicals and felt confident enough (this might have come with age) to let my hair out and be proud of me. Also having experienced bald patches while relaxing it really felt like it was time to give up the creamy crack.
How would you describe your hair and texture:
I have three different textures in my hair. The front is wavy 3c/4a. The middle is like ringlets. and the sides are back are my kinky zigzag. All in all I would say I was 4a/4b.
How do you take care of your hair:
My mantra is Routine and Moisture. I try to stick to a basic routine and don’t use too many products. I make sure to wash my hair twice a week, shampooing/cleansing only once. I do variations of the LOC method and I use a night time routine where I detangle and moisturise before going to bed. I also try to stick to as many natural products as possible. I found out purely by accident and trial and error that the itchiness I was experiencing on my scalp was most probably from irritation due to sulphates in my shampoo. I use clays to cleanse where I can and am always on the lookout for good SLS free cleansers or shampoos!
What are your words of inspiration to our readers?
In the immortal words of Nike ‘Just Do It’. It may feel like a bit of a shock when you feel your real texture at first but you do start to love it. How many times have you sat playing with your new growth. So addictive and so true to being you! Four years ago I would never have dreamt of leaving the house without an immaculate weave, two years ago I would never have left my bedroom without my hair neat and pin straight and now I would never dream of going back!
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