Natural Inspiration – Anitra Jay

I was so excited this week to have singer Anitra Jay answer the Natural Inspiration questions.  Read on how she takes care of her hair and get your  free download of her music!

Anitra Jay


What’s your name and where do you live?
My name is Anitra Jay and I am an R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter living in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. I am known for my song “The Natural Hair Song” written to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and to encourage my curlfriends all over to keep shining.

When did you go natural and why?
I went natural in the Spring of 2010 because my hair stylist at the time went up on her prices for relaxers. I realized that I could no longer afford to get relaxers and was inspired by other naturals in my life to go natural for myself. I did the big chop. It was scary at first, because I had put a lot of self-esteem value in my hair. Doing the big chop forced me to re-position my self-esteem into areas it should have been in the first place, my intelligence, my personality, wits, and inner beauty.

Anitra Jay 2

How would you describe your hair and texture?
I would describe my hair as a hot mess of curls with a 90% shrinkage factor. It is very dense with lots of tiny ringlets everywhere. The back of my hair curls tighter than the front and top middle. The top middle part loves to get frizzy and the front is very wavy. If I had to type my hair, I would put it in the 4a-4b range. No wash-n-go’s here!!!

How do you take care of your hair?
I wash my hair with sulfate-free shampoo twice a month. I use lots of rinse-out conditioner plus a leave-in. I also seal my ends with a combo of grapeseed oil and castor. I wear it in a twist-out using any type of hair milk I can get my hands on to set it. I cover my hair with a satin bonnet at night and I do a night-time re-twist about once or twice a week. Sometimes when I’m on stage I like to wear my hair in an afro in its full glory!!!

 Anitra Jay 3

What are your words of inspiration to our readers?
Don’t compare your hair to others. That’s the worst thing you can do. Because it just leaves you coveting someone else’s mane. Let your hair do it’s own thing and work with what you’ve got. Find out what works for your hair, your face, and your lifestyle and just do you boo!


Anita is in the process of  launching a “Curls Night Out” travelling concert and get-together for naturals. She is currently planning shows in Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia. She eventually plans to take the show overseas and may even visit here in the UK.

You can download “The Natural Hair Song,” for free by visiting Anita’s Facebook page or her website

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