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maria tumolo

What’s your name and where do you live.

My name is Maria Tumolo and I live in Carshalton, Surrey.

When did you go natural and why?

I returned to my natural hair February 2010. I was planning on becoming a mum but I was already 37 years old, so, I thought it wise to be thehealthiest natural self that I could be. I transitioned for two or three month max, while steadily digesting all the natural hair YouTube videos and blogs I could find. Totally revved up by the YouTube videos I hacked of my own hair one evening, then promptly visited a friend the next day (she has hairdressing experience) for her to trim and shape the mess I’d made of my what was to be a TWA. While I don’t regret one moment of the process, I’d suggest anyone thinking of going natural to be more cautious and rational when it comes to the big chop.


How would you describe your hair and texture?

I believe that I have 3c hair at the front of my head and 3b texture more to the back. It’s light and bouncy but prone to tangling on itself easily.  When it’s wet or has too much moisture it looks really curly and thin but once dry I can achieve more volume with a braid-out that’s been finger combed. I do experience shrinkage but that’s not an issue for me.

How do you take care of your hair?

Mostly I wash my hair once per week on the weekend with shampoo, preferably with a non SLS one. I use the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream) to help maintain moisture in my hair. However, sometimes if I feel for quick refresh and pick-me-up I will co-wash then follow up with the LOC method as usual. I usually detangle my hair on washday. If I want to change my style then I’ll detangle with a leave-in-conditioner or detangle solution, then re-twist for plait my hair. At home I wear my hair in a ponytail with varying levels of neatness to protect it but when I’m out and about I usually wear it out loose.


What are your words of inspiration to our readers?

I think it’s a good idea get to know your hair and what it likes. Try to keep your regime simple and use asorganic products as you can find (or make) untill you know what works best for your hair type. Once you know what your hair likes then you can either carry one with your organicproducts or shop for products that contain ingredients that your hair responds well to. Most importantly work with the hair you have and embrace it rather than try to achieve something that may never be your hair destiny.Essentially,I’m a parent blogger however I do have a natural hair page and posts where I also talk about maintaining the mixed textured hair of my children. You can find me

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Thank you so much Maria – lovely hair and photos

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