Natural Inspiration.

Do you know what I love about being natural? Others see it and feel confident to also wear their hair out.

Since I started The Natural Lounge several of my friends and family members have stopped relaxing their hair. Some of my people who had weave addiction have started to wear weave and natural interchangeably.  It’s really humbling.

I was with my mum on Saturday and we went to the barbers and she had it cut short. When she has it like that it takes ten years off her and makes her look so beautiful. I jokingly asked her if she wanted a wig or to have some braids in. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “No way! Like this my hair always looks neat, it’s easy to take care of and at my age I don’t need to fuss”

A few weeks ago my friend also told me that she goes natural at the weekends, that she is not confident to wear it out during the week at work – I know that will change.

Then there are some of my friends that I already had it in my mind that they would never everwear their hair natural. I could have put money on it.  I have a friend who told me how she hated her hair, how brave I was to wear my hair out, how she hates natural styles as they never look neat. I bumped into her less than an hour ago and my jaw  dropped. She stood in front of me with her mini fro and smiled. She said “I am still getting used to it but I like it” I was speechless.  She probably doesn’t remember all the things she said to me but I am glad she found the confidence within to do it. 

As naturals just by wearing our hair out we keep inspiring people every day. 


  1. You are so right. Takes years off my Mummy who has also decided to go natural. So happy for her and mt Dad prefers her hair this way too!
    Leilu @ AfroDeity