Natural Inspiration – Elizabeth Arinola

Elizabeth Arinola


What is your name and where do you live?
Hello Beautiful Angles of Light, my name is Elizabeth Arinola and I’m from London town.

When did you go Natural and Why?
I’ve been natural since about 2009.  I did the ‘big chop’ early on in the year and rocked a short relaxed do (which I was feeling, I felt like a liberated woman), then I transitioned a few months later with braids, fro’s and kinky twists. The best part of the journey was the gradual transition out of the hairdressers as my hair became less and less in need of maintenance. I have always said that as a teen I would grow locs at the age of 21.  The Creator has a way of making what you say happen in the most subtle way because in early 2010 I took out some kinky twist extensions that had been in for more than a while and BOOM, my new growth was loced. So after that I bought some loc gel and carried on the locs, cutting off whatever straight ends I had left.
I have loved the Natural journey and its really exciting to know that its only just started for me. I feel I will be natural for a loooong time, it fits better with I lifestyle.
Elizabeth Arinola 1
How would you describe your hair and texture?
My hair is quite loose at the roots now which meant it took a while for my roots to stay in locs when I took my extensions out.  (They still never stay twisted for long but meh, long hair, don’t care). I think this is due to 12 years of serious hair abuse (cheers mum). My mum said my hair was very thick and full and so they kept cutting it until I got to 7 years old and met relaxer. Aside from this I think it has been an excellent recovery from the years of torment and we now have a very loving relationship in which we decided it would be a good idea to forgive my mum for the relaxer issues. There are way too many varied textures in my head for me to even begin to describe in any more detail so to put it simply, its WILD.


How do you take care of your hair? 
I try to wash weekly. Living in London I have be mindful of the weather because I don’t use heat processors to dry my hair.  So if its really wet and cold outside I will allow nature to do the washing for me. When washing I use Twisted Sista Shampoo and whatever Organic Conditioner I have. Avocado blended with Almond Oil is also a good home remedy I use at times. Other than that I retwist my roots every few months when I have time, at shorter intervals I’l set my locs in rollers or big plaits to help dry them out after a wash and switch up the style a little. Shea butter takes care of my scalp and Almond Oil spray for some itch relief, I keep it simple.
What are your words of Inspirations for our readers? 
A few words of Inspiration to readers are, Creations of the Mind, Manifest in Time. Thoughts Matter because Thoughts are Matter  so stay thinking positive about hair goals, you will achieve them.
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Beautiful Beautiful Hair Elizabeth thank you – If you would like to appear as a Natural Inspiration all you need to do is send in your answers to the questions  above with a minimum of four photos to


  1. Yay for locs! They look much nicer than mine and we started roughly around the same time