Natural Inspriation – Myra Mushabati

Myra Mushabati

Myra Mushabati

What’s your name and where do you live?
My name is Myra and I live in Milton Keynes (but studying in Lincoln atm).


When did you go natural and why?
I had my last relaxer end of 2011 and I BC’d Aug 5 2012 because I suffered from tension alopecia and two trichologists recommended I went natural. Best decision I could have ever made. Although my hair hasn’t fully grown back, I’m loving my natural hair.


How would you describe your hair and texture?
For those that use the typing systems, my hair is 4a/b across my whole head. It’s super coily and curly, and that contributes to my serious shrinkage (about 60%).

Myra Mushabati

How do you take care of your hair?
It’s been a good year of figuring out a regime that works for both my hair and my schedule and now that I’m here…I know regular washing, moisturising and protective styling have been the key to my hairs current health and growth rate.


What are your words of inspriation to our readers?
Be patient with your hair; love your hair; embrace your hair; learn your hair, and enjoy whatever stage you’re at. Strive for health and the length will come. 🙂


I really love your coils Myra,  Readers – I hope you enjoyed this Natural Inspiration. As always If you would like to appear as a Natural Inspiration all you need to do is send in your answers to the questions above with a minimum of four photos to