Natural Products forced to drop the ‘free from’ Claims

On the 11th July 2013 the new European Union Cosmetic Regulations will be coming into force. Everyone in the business of selling or supplying products in Europe must comply.

When I hear the words EU regulations I often switch off as they are usually faffing about the shape size and colour of our oranges. However these particular changes affect us in the natural world.

Many of our products are produced in the home kitchens of our community and it’s these suppliers that I think most about. Will they be able to keep up with the changes? I would hate to see anyone shut down because they didn’t follow the rules.

The changes were far more complicated for me to really get my head around after all I am not a supplier, but here were the ones that I understood:

*You have to have your data on file to support any claims that you make about your products. So if you are telling us it makes our hair softer, more moisturised, nourished, or more    manageable you had better make sure you have done your testing and have your paperwork to prove it.

*You can no longer make claims that make ingredients they have deemed safe look bad.  i.e you cant really say ‘paraben free’ or ‘no sulphates’ because as far as the EU is concerned these are safe ingredients. I really like it when a bottle tells me what is not in it; I think this rule is a shame.

Products like this (my favourite shower gel - will have to rethink their labelling

Products like this (my favourite shower gel) – will have to rethink their labeling

*Also product safety tests have to be conducted by a toxicologist – before it was by a ‘suitably qualified person’ can our tiny suppliers afford such tests?

Do you think some of these changes are good or bad? It will be interesting to see how things pan out and for those looking for more info they can just type in ‘New EU Cosmetics Regulations’ into google and they will find more info.


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