Natural Styling Kit for TWA’s

Before and After

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro. 

I love being able to share with you, new products and inventions that can make our hairstyling simple. This one is for all of you with very short hair.  

A while back someone sent me the link to this video for a product called Nudred. It’s a short hair twisting device. The video below shows you how it works so have a view.  

Great isn’t it? Whilst I was excited about it, I didn’t immediately post because it wasn’t available in the UK until now. You can use it to twist your hair to start locks or they have an option where you can twist it just to have some little twists in.  Your hair needs to be a maximum of about two inches long.

So for more info visit their website here:

You can buy it on line in the UK for £29.99 from here:

PS: If you cant see the video you need to view this post from


  1. When I first installed my dreads in 2004, the lady in the hair salon informed me that many young people in the city (Lusaka, Zambia), just used a shoe brush to create their dreads. I guess this is exactly the same concept.