Naturally Fabulous 2012

I know that you are all looking forward to the 2012 event but I am going to have to disappoint you and tell you that unfortunately it will not be taking place this year.
It’s been a really hard decision and I took time over it but let me explain why I made it.  
In 2010 when I did the first event there was nothing else going on in the UK. My aim was to bring you something you didn’t already have.  Adornment had been and gone and there was nothing for us naturals. It was a beautiful day and really enjoyable. It was the start of something.
2011 was the second event and I had the same aim in mind, I had to bring you something you didn’t already have. It was tough because now 40 or so other events had sprung up but I was confident that I could give you a unique experience. So I bought you the fashion show with hair styled by Bespoke Hairstyles, the best vendors in town and jam packed goodie bags with fabulous giveaways. It was amazing, someone said to me that I ‘knocked it out of the ball park’ everyone had such a good time and with 300 of you buying tickets in advance it was a huge success.
Now it’s 2012 and with nearly 100 events I want to do even better, not just another event but something people will remember. Honestly I want people saying “I was there” I want you to be wowed just like many of you were last year and I just can’t do it right now. People are starting to complain about seeing the same speakers and vendors at every event I just need more time to make something special.
I love organising events, I do them for a living and prior to The Natural Lounge I used to organise other events so just wait for me.
I am going to spend this time researching and planning, I am going to gather a team, I am going to plan an strong line up so if there is another event you can be assured to know that I put my heart into making it …well…Naturally Fabulous and you will be the first to be invited.
Before I go I just want to send a virtual hug and a huge thank you to anyone that has supported me. I really love to see how the UK Natural scene has grown and I am so proud to be a part of it.
Love you all


  1. I am gutted that I did not know about the last two. I was so looking forward to attend this one. I keep checking; but I understand where you are coming from and what you are saying.
    I’m surely looking forward to the next time you hit off the event ball; I sure will not be missing it. I heard you did awesome with the last events.
    Keep up the good work and don’t keep us waiting too long :).

  2. This is what makes you special Angel. I think that’s beautiful-so refreshing to have someone put people before profit. I for one will certainly be there after the last event- and bringing all my crew too! After the last one EVERYONE wants to come. Well done and Jah Bless

  3. @Theblackhairdiary – Thank you so much and don’t worry at least readers of this blog will be the first to know if there is an event.

    @Naturally UK – THANK YOU, I really do appreciate your comments and support.