Naturally Fabulous – Photos!!

Naturally Fabulous!
So first of all I want to thank all 300+ of you who came out on Saturday for Naturally Fabulous with The Natural Lounge and Naptural Roots Magazine 

Even though our Agenda was reduced because of no Q and no Amina the day still went well. The best part of the day for me was having a chat with two beautiful young ladies who told me they were just 16 and it was really encouraging for them. They were feeling so positive about their hair and one even said she wished she could take out her braids right there and then. For people that live in other towns that said it was too far to come…people travelled from France, The Netherlands and the US to attend so next year I don’t want to hear it 🙂

The worst part…hmmmm well being told that people still came to sell things out of their bags was a bit upsetting. I figure that if you are reading and you did that you are obviously not for the event continuing or succeeding. Remembering that I am just an individual have a think about how events like this can be supported or funded. 

Here are some of the photos there were so many I did not know what to post!
There was a big queue to get in
Poet GREEDS warming things up
Singer Lanre Giving us a few songs 
Crystal – Winner of our Bloggers Prize
The Crew from Adornment 
Root 2 Tip giving Expert Advice 
Mahogany Speaking to the crowds
Look at everyone listening hard! 
We gave away lots of prizes including two  Heautiful Hair Steamers!

I did not want to give this away, its a mosiac of my logo by

It was so busy 
Paul from Keep the Faith was our DJ
The Afrocenchix Ladies
Two Lovely Ladies
Hello Everyone…its me….

Look at my beautiful Niece
Yaay our team!! Mahgony, Lean, Andrew me and Adrienne 

You can see lots of other images by visiting Angus did this event for me as a favour, he usually does wedding photos so please check him out.

I will add some to the facebook group later so that you can tag yourselves. 

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to anyone that helped with this event, there are too many of you to write and I feel that if I put some names of the sponsors, helpers, press, bloggers, vendors, designers for the fashion show and people who donated prizes I might forget someone and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So instead, if you helped out in any capacity to make the event a success (you know who you are) I really really appreciate it.  

See you all next October 🙂



  1. Thanks to Angus for such lovely photos at such a great event.
    Well done Angel + all involved.

  2. Looks wonderful! Well done Angel. So sad could not make it, bloody exams!

    Nex October?! Angel please! I can’t wait that long. Please please consider hosting another event sooner if you can! We UK natural are so starved of events. So jealous of our US brethren.

    Anyway, well done dear. The photos look great and you look fab as well.

  3. Looks like you had a FABULOUS event! Next year I will get there for sure! Great pictures and inspiration!

  4. was so much fun! I’ve only just gotten over the excitement! will deffo see you next year!

  5. looked like a fun event. its a shame i couldnt make it to london

  6. These pics are lovely they really captured the true essence of the day which was fun everyone has a smile on there faces 🙂

  7. @Akua – Thank you too!! You also made it fantastic

    @Koily K – lol yeah once as year is enough for me it takes A LOT of organising but I promise to keep the website updated with other events.

    @LocalCeleb – thank you

    @Natural-belle – so glad you enjoyed it, hun your photos were AMAZING!

    @SoFrolushes – next year perhaps???

    @Sasha – thanks, its true, everyone does look like they enjoyed it.

  8. Congratulations, it looks like it went swimmingly! Thanks for sharing the photos

    I can’t imagine how strange some people are – trying to sell things from their bags?! The mind boggles.