Naturally Fabulous Update: Important Q will not be attending!

Oh gosh it’s been one long night I am exhausted. 

The Bad News 
Q the hairstylist got to Heathrow airport and guess what? …Immigration would not let her in. It didn’t matter what we said or how much we begged they were not having it. They picked her up because of her guitar and thought that she was trying to come here to work illegally so they are deporting her on the first flight in the morning. I feel so bad for her what a waste of time and money. 

The thing with the guitar is, she is actually an amazing singer and was going to surprise you all with a song…so for a while there the hair show, fashion shoot everything looked to be off the cards, however… 

The Good News
Bespoke Hairstyles are going to step in and do everything whoop whoop. Isn’t that amazing? Now I call that ‘good people’ and I can never thank them enough. So if you booked a hair appointment with Q don’t worry just email me and I will re arrange your time with Bespoke. Now….I’m heading to bed!



  1. Sorry that this happened to her. Thankfully all is not lost, I wish her luck and have a fab show, wish I could attend!

  2. That is so upsetting. So sorry for her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not surprised, they are THICK to say the least. I came back from St Lucia wearing a black top with GHANA written on it. They scrutinised my passport and started interogating me, it was only when my white friend came to stand next to me, they let me go.

    Coming through NOTHING TO DECLARE I got stopped again, the woman asked if there were any flights from Ghana that day, YOU ARE THE PROFESSIONAL NOT ME, when I said I was coming from St Lucia she seemed to think I had flown to Ghana from St Lucia then flew to the UK. Stupid, how expensive would that be if it was possible. Again my white friend rescued me.

    People DO NOT WEAR anything that displays your African heritage when flying these thickos are too dumb to figure out real problems so just go for the obvious.

    Still looking forward to the event tomorrow.


  4. That’s so upsetting to think she was coming to do something nice for us UK naturals yet that’s the experience of the UK she gets on entry. It’s so frustrating! (smh) Hopefully there’ll get another opportunity to for us to show her some proper UK hospitality.

    Crystal x