Naturals 101 – Coconut Oil

Every post you see entitled Naturals 101 is for newbie naturals who want to know what products we use and exactly what to do with them. 


What is it?
According to Wikipedia it’s an oil, extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconut harvested from the coconut palm. If you are going to get it to use on your hair get Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which is made from fresh coconuts, this is even safe to be digested. Other oils that are not Virgin are made from copra. Oils made from copra have to be refined bleached and deodorised to make them fit for human consumption. The Organic Virgin one is best and if you like your hair smelling of fresh coconuts it has an amazing scent.

Where do you get it from?
I buy mine online just type into google ‘Organic Virgin Coconut Oil’ and you will find lots of suppliers.

What do you use it for?
It’s a staple product in my house. I use it to mix with Shea Butter as a hair moisturiser.

I also occasionally use it as a pre poo (before shampooing treatment). This means that the night before I shampoo I slather it onto every strand of my hair wrap it up and go to sleep, the next morning I shampoo and deep condition as usual.

It makes my hair soft and stops shedding, it also makes my hair smell lovely!

If you use coconut oil please use the comment form on the website to tell people what you do with it, many newbie naturals will benefit from the knowledge. Also if you wouldn’t recommend it or it has not worked for you, please let us know.


  1. Yeah I use this in mixers!!