Oh friends and readers, it has been a while, in fact, my last post on this blog was March…it was around that time that I got some wonderful news.  So I decided to take a break, forget about the hair world and concentrate on me. You see I found out I was having a baby!!

Scan Photo

Scan Photo


My husband and I were totally ecstatic about and wanted to make sure I did everything right.So we were busy, we went on holiday to Cuba, moved house and during that time I ate well, relaxed, grew a bump the size of a basketball and managed to exercise for the majority of it.

Bump and Me

Bump and Me

Then on the 4th November during the perfect natural 5 hour with just gas and air my little sunshine came.


Welcome to the world my son Zion. been a wonderful two months; I cannot describe the feeling of joy he brings.


Anyway now we are settled I am back. Sorry for those of you that emailed me during my break, my inbox is overflowing, even with my out of office on. Sorry for those products I said I would write about and did not get round to, sorry for all the events I was invited to and did not reply. Don’t worry I read everything online and looks like some of them were amazing. My facebook group has been growing there are nearly 7k members on there so things were still happening. Please be patient with me whilst I try and get back up to speed with blogging again. I am excited for what the next year will bring.  Please don’t forget to check out my what’s on page for the latest in Natural Hair events oh and if you have any baby related questions hit me up in the comments box below I will gladly answer any questions



  1. Welcome back and congratulations on the birth of your son Zion.. Beautiful and cute.. The FB group page has been busy, so glad it has grown too. Kudos to you my sister. A natural hair lounge event would be really good. Well no rush for that… Zion needs mommy right now…


  2. Welcome back Angel.

    And congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby boy Zion. Am sure you’re getting into the swing of things all baby and motherhood.. Bless u all… And also well done for keeping the FB group page alive, I really love the page and also getting to share and learn from all the queens on there.. Well done.. Well hope you do more blog posts.. In regards to baby tips.. well mine is a bit different, got two 14mnth old twin girls dubbed LizzyVicky.. i have two crown to adorn, how do I start a good hair regime for them. I wanted to trim off their baby hair but dad says NO.. Should i leave and let it grow out…
    Hugs and kisses to Zion..
    Peace and Love
    Esther xxx

  3. Congratulations Angel. We missed you but so happy for you. Becoming a mum is a humbling experience and you look like an angel in your pic.


    Shaz xx

  4. @Esther THANK YOU that made my day yes I will try and blog about baby tips, I am still learning but his skin and hair remain lovely. Twins, what a blessing!!

    @Sharon Thank you, very kind words