Noire Essence – Anti Breakage Shampoo & Detangling Conditioner


hmm what’s in this lovely box?

When I got an email from the PR of Noire Essence to try out their products I was delighted. I had already heard of them as they are in the process of filming a forthcoming documentary about black hair.

The company is a UK (London Based) organisation, founded by two sisters Olayinka and Bisola. Olayinka is a qualified pharmacist and is studying trichology and it’s her knowledge that helps formulate the products for natural hair. They made their first public appearence at the Afro Hair and Beauty show in May.

Look Inside

Look Inside

As well as the shampoo and conditioner I was also sent the Daily Lotion and the Revitilising Elixer Scalp Oil but I have not tried either of those yet so watch out for another review.

The shampoo

Priced at £18 per bottle click image to buy

The smell of both the shampoo and conditioner reminded me of fruits (nice). I found that the shampoo foamed easily and after using it on my hair I found each strand was squeaky clean and slightly stripped. A bit like a clarifying shampoo without the sulphates. So the product felt a lot stronger than I am used to.

The conditioner

£22 click image to purchase

This was runnier than my normal stuff and  I wasn’t sure how long to leave it on. I did leave it for 10 mins with a plastic cap and this took away the stripped effect of the shampoo which I was pleased about.

For the company as a whole, their website is properly designed and easy to use, their packaging and branding is excellent and appealing. When I look at the bottles they remind me of something you would see on the shelf in a high street shop.  I am so pleased to see our UK Brands finally stepping up to the plate in these areas. This all makes the products really hard for me to review because I so wish my hair had fallen in love with them but it didnt quite happen that way.

So I end with telling you all to give them a try and let me know your thoughts. If you want to find out more or buy any of the products mentioned you can visit their website