One of my Favourite Styles

One of my readers told me this week that I don’t post enough photos of my hair. 

So here you go….This is one of my favourite styles, Cornrows at the front with a bun – or sometimes twists in the back, what is your favourite style? 



  1. Your hair looks beautiful in that style! I really like it 🙂

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Your hair is beautiful!!! I lilke to wear mine in a textured puff or a fro hawk.

  3. beautiful style!!

    do you do your own hair?

  4. @ Dee O, thank you hun – made my day!

    @ Daphene, that sounds nice, you know the fro hawk looks good on everyone else but me I must try and master it!

    @Paigetheblogger. Yes I do it myself but these rows were not done by me. Girl my rows would be much more messier than that!