Origins of the Afro Comb Exhibition Cambridge.



Since the exhibition started I have been dying to get up to Cambridge and see the Afro Comb Exhibition. I even planned to organise a coach trip but there were several group trips organised and the museum couldn’t fit us in on a date that was suitable for me.

So on Wednesday I took a day off work and got on the train with one of my friends to head up there. It was a great day out, I urge you to get up there. Cambridge is such a nice place.

I would say that the exhibition is in two parts, the first part (closed on the 28th September) was an installation by artist Dr. Michael McMillan at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. It showed a life-sized barbershop, hair salon and living room with myths about our hair and amazing photography on the walls.

Micheal McMillan


However the second part at The Fitzwilliam Museum was my favourite and this is on until 3rd November this includes hundreds of remarkable combs – from pre-dynastic Egypt to modern-day black fist combs referencing the Black Power Movement – as well as associated images and sculpture showing the wide variety of hair styles found in Africa and around the world. Here are some of my photos.

image_4 image_3 image_2 image_5 image_7 image_10 image_11 image_12



There are loads more and all so beautiful with lots of information about them as well. Trains to Cambridge run from Kings Cross and are around an hour.

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