Photos are ready from the Natural Lounge Meet up.

I just wanted to let you all know, the images for the met up are ready.

Click here to view them 

Gosh you all look beautiful! 

For me, there were two wonderful moments in the day. the first one was after walking past and seeing all the women, a couple stopped by to see what was going on. The lady was natural and goes up to Leicester to get her hair done, she took a card and was so enthused and excited she said she would be at the next one. Andrew hugged me and said “you are getting people off the street babe!” 

The second was when we did the business card raffle and Dionne Ible won. Her daughter picked out her mummy’s business card from the jar but as you can see in the images, she wasn’t looking when she chose. Sometimes things like that are just spiritual. 

Enjoy the photos




  1. “spiritual”? lol I like that!

    But as I said on my blog, that day was very well organised and executed. And to top it off, people enjoyed themselves.

    You should be proud!

  2. sooooo upset i missed this! but i glad ya’ll had fun you all look beautiful!

  3. Where was this advertised? I’m soooo upset I missed the a fellow natural friend of mine and I were interested in going to a meet-up last year

  4. @ Angus, thank you 🙂

    @ natural-belle – next time hun

    @ Anonymous, it was all over my website – hopefully you are a subscriber now 🙂