PK4Hair – The New Hair Vitamins

I have something new to try out as two weeks ago I cut an inch off my hair I want a bit of growth a boost. Philip Kingsley have a new ‘unique vegetarian protein capsule’ they call it PK4Hair to help encourage healthy hair growth from within they say that
‘Hair consists of protein, so sufficient protein intake is vital to strong, healthy hair. Proteins consist of amino acids. PK4HAIR is a combination of amino acids derived from soy protein which help hair to grow at its best possible density. Together with a healthy hair diet, PK4HAIR protein supplements will provide the essential building blocks for beautiful, healthy locks’

You are supposed to take two capsules twice a day for 4 months and you will notice an improvement in your hair health. I sometimes take Silica but not regularly as I should so I am going to try these out, exactly as they say on the tin for 4 months.

The capsules are £21.40 for 120 capsules (30 days) it’s the same price as my gym membership so watch this space!  When I am £80 down I will let you know how my hair is doing 🙂


  1. Let us know how you are getting on!
    Good luck with your progress!

  2. Look forward to hearing how they work for you. Depending on the results I might try them as well, because I have been getting a lot of thinning and shedding lately.

  3. @ValeriesWorld, thanks I will keep you updated

    @Amanda, ok, I might have to do a month by month update!

  4. P4 is getting rave reviews from Now I am interested on being a user via shopping for it online.

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