Premae Skincare’s 1st Birthday


Clare Eluka – The founder of Premae

Premae Skincare is a 100% Allergen-Free, Vegan and Natural Skincare  Brand.  I had never heard of them before but on Tuesday night they had their 1st Birthday Party/networking evening so I headed down there with a good friend to find out more about them.

They are a UK Natural brand who have just won a precious award for Entrepreneur of the year and on their website they sell Cleaners, Toners, Moisturisers etc.

The evening was really nice with lots of networking but unfortunately the location of the party wasn’t private so I couldn’t hear a word of the presentation.

That said I did enjoy some cake and got to meet lots of lovely people here are my photos.

Clare – blowing out her cake – it was tasty made by MsCupCakeUK

Look here is Tina from Manestream Beauty

Ugonna Hosten – Accessories Designer Ugos Boutique (She made that bag!)

Goody Bags ready for us to take home – there was a sample inside of the Face Tonique

My Bag

This was a natural energy drink in my bag – unfortunate name huh?

That’s all folks – to find out more about Premae visit




  1. These are some wonderful photos you have shared here. I like the picture where the cake is being shown with a single lighted candle. It is good to know that in your curiosity to know more about Premae Skincare, you headed to their 1st birthday party.

  2. Lol re the drink – it’s actually one of my favourites!