Pretty Curls – Vanilla Cream

Pretty Curls is a UK based company that provides natural skin and hair care products for people like us that want to look after their curls. Their lovely range which even includes products for mummies and tots is based at

They asked me to try their Pretty Curls Vanilla Cream and that’s what I have been using since I returned as a daily moisturiser.

Description on the website
Whipped shea butter laced with coconut oil, vegetable glycerine and castor oil. The pure coconut oil will penetrate each strand sealing and smoothing out those strays, castor oil will strengthen and repair any breakage and pure vegetable glycerine will add extreme glide. Emerge with renewed curls a highly emollient moisturiser ideal for everyday use.

Unrefined Shea butter, vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, castor oil and vanilla fragrance.


My thoughts

As you know I absolutely love ‘fro’ and use their moisturiser as a staple so it was hard for me to want to try anything else. However as soon as I opened the tub of Vanilla Cream I was sold, it has a mouse like texture and such a great, light and natural smell that I wanted to eat it! It’s light and easy to apply and it has all the ingredients that my hair loves. Yes I have to give it a recommendation it kept my hair moisturised and I will definitely use it again. I think the smell makes it different from any other product I have tried.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. One day I put it on in the morning and went to meet a friend that evening, when they hugged me they said “yum what perfume are you wearing?” I said I wasn’t wearing any and they sniffed me again and told me it was my hair.

We all like our hair smelling nice right?

Have you ever tried it?



  1. I use her products too…really yummy fragrance..

  2. Wonderdust says:

    Ive just placed an order based on your glowing recommendation. Cant wait for the product to arrive.

  3. @ Afrobabe, well I might have to try a few more of them

    @Wonderdust, I hope you like it!!! let me know how you get on.

  4. I really liked this cream. It’s such a shame they went out of buisness. I think I might try to make something similar. Angel, have you tried mixing your own hair cream?