Professional Beauty show 2015


Hey Natural Loungers

I haven’t been ignoring you I promise. I am currently studying a degree in Leadership and Management and had two massive assignments due in last month, I swear every time I was on the computer it was like I was doing the work, I was counting down the days when they were over.

So…what I have I been up to? On the 22nd February I headed down to the Excel centre to the Professional Beauty show.  It was massive with over 450 exhibitors.

I was lucky to have a press pass and when I arrived I had one those moments of awe I felt like saying “I have a dream that every natural show should be like this”.  They even had a press lounge for me to recharge my phone, drink complementary drinks, sit and chat and relax.


A shot of Liquid Collagen….you know I did not drink this!

Every brand I had heard of had a stand there, from ORLY to Elemis. If you are in the beauty business or want to be, this was the show for you. You could buy all your equipment and stock and try out loads of things from massage beds to creams and lotions and potions. I had a brief look around and even watched the ORLY catwalk but to be honest I was more interested in the natural and organic section.


ORLY demonstrating how nails should be done

There were so many exhibitors in that section so here is a list of all that really caught my eye to shout out. In case you also want to buy more UK natural products from UK brands.

London Ethnic – Organic Skincare.

Yours truly Organics Organic Skincare for oily skin – look how beautifully their products were displayed.

P1050153 P1050155

Sense-U-Ality – all I could describe it as is sexy natural skincare


hmmm, what do you do with this?


Ok WOW….now how on earth was this tested?? hahaha


Fairfield Gardens They produce an award winning natural lip balm, it was beautifully packaged and Lillian Barker the owner, was absolutely lovely she gave me one to review which I will now I am back on with blogging.


Me with Lillian


Raid Of Aromas  – Natural body products

Aveila – Natural Bath body hair and skin care. The owner Patricia Monney gave me her Shea body butter to review which I will, do as well.

Lap Glam – A natural lip balm which can also be used as cuticle cream, spilt end soothers, mascara primers, eyebrow balm and shhhhh, they dont advertise it but nipple cream.


This show is well attended by buyers and wholesalers and any company that’s interested in reaching a wider audience, would do well to attend. If you are a small brand but aiming for the stars you really should consider shows like ‘Professional Beauty’. I know some of you natural brands would be well suited there.

Thank you to Shaherah Jordon for being my official photographer for the day.