Qoileez! Giveaway

Qoileez are a stretchy plastic accessory that can be used on your hair, on your pencils or even on your chopsticks



They come in a huge array of colours and in packs with seven inside. They currently retail in the US for $4.99 but I am sure they will be here soon.

I got a pack to take a look at,  I had the ‘Only Blue Sky Surprise Mix’.  I found although they were quite cute it was difficult for me to do a sophisticated hairstyle with them in. I think they will be much more suitable for little girls especially if they are learning to do twists. They were so soft and easy to wrap around my twists and easy to take out too.


Look at the blue ones I got, you can see them on my twists


I have three mixed packs to give away. They are photographed below, all you need to do is visit the Qoileez website and tell me the name of one of the packs I am offering. The competition is open to UK residents only wishing you the best of luck. Winners will be annouced on 31st May  so please make sure you check back.


Find out more about Qoileez by visiting www.Qoileez.com





  1. Janice says:

    One is the pretty ‘n pink surprise mix!