Rate your Salon at No Scrunchie.Com

Readers, hold on to your fros! There is now a new website where you can find out who is hot and who is not in the salon world. It’s called No Scrunchie and was set up late last year. I caught up with one of the founders, London Based Leillah Sekalala to find out all about it.


In your words what is No Scrunchie and who is it for?
NoScrunchie is a salon ratings website primarily for afro and curly hair. It is for all women with afro hair who want a better salon experience, by searching for good salons rated by their peers and having the opportunity to know about bad salons before they take the risk.

What made you set it up and why?
I moved to London in 2004 and have failed to find consistency in salons. The lack of customer care and skill is appalling in some of these salons, and there is no way of knowing until you are in. I discussed this with a number of people and we all seemed to have the same problem. So my friend Alex and I decided to go for it and set it up.


The name, what made you call it that?
I wanted to call it something memorable and hair related but not just ‘rate a salon’ as that would limit the direction that the company can take in the future. I originally thought of scrunchie and then I was reminded of the episode in sex and the city where Carrie says that no self respecting woman would wear a scrunchie. (I remember the shame as I was wearing one when I watched that with friends).

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a giant scrunchie!


How do you wear your hair? And how do you take care of it?
I change my hair up every month. I braid, weave, relax, anything as long as I am comfortable with it and it looks neat. I would prefer for hairstylists to take care of my hair, or at least to give me advice. At the moment, there isn’t much of that so I follow a few blogs.

Have you ever had a personal bad experience at a salon?
I have had many of those. The worst was recently going for a relaxer and after having it on my head, being told that the pipes had frozen. The water was so cold that I cried on impact. But I was determined not to get relaxer burn so I had to go through with the wash. The stylist apologised but I was really angry as I was not their first client so they must have known about this before I sat down. (That salon is rated on NoScrunchie so I hope others will know before it happens to them.)


Leillah Sekalala


What are your favourite salons?
I am on the hunt for these. Have none at the moment.

Correct me if I am wrong but judging by the backstreet salons I often see, there are no laws in the UK against anyone setting up an Afro hair salon, you don’t have to be formally trained, or have certifications. What are your thoughts about this?
This is one of my biggest problems in this industry. I have been to salons where the stylist’s sister tries to do my hair and on one occasion the manicurist offered to do my hair because the stylist was not in.  Due to the lack of regulation, the only thing we can do is take the responsibility into our own hands. If we review salons honestly, then we will be able to make informed decisions before we go to salons.

Anything else you would like to add?
I hope all the ladies in the UK join us in reviewing salons as we cannot do it without them. If every lady reviews every salon they go to, we will have a really useful database in a short while.

You can visit No Scrunchie by going to www.noscrunchie.com