Readers Question – Two Dilemmas

I got this email in my in box. from a lady called Tess. 

Hi Angel

Firstly, I am so looking forward to the meet up on the 2nd Oct.  I have never been to a meet up before despite being natural for 10 + years I do believe.  Thank you in advance as I am sure I will learn so many techniques and better caring of my hair as I am still learning.

What I would like to ask is the following dilemmas I am facing and I am not sure whether its appropriate to ask.  Desperate right now.

Would you be able to recommend a good hairdressers for trimming my hair?  I haven’t trimmed for over a year and my hair is breaking/shedding like crazy and also, would you be able to point me in the right direction for a creamy leave-in conditioner.  I do use Kinky Curly Knot Today but thats an 8oz and I am so heavy handed it isn’t economical on my wallet

Best wishes and look forward to seeing you.

Tess x

Tess’s Hair 

For me, the last trim I got was at Adornment365 but I am still deciding if I should be trimming my hair at all and I really think they might be better on type 4 hair.  For my leave in I mix my own in a spray bottle and its not creamy. So all two questions 

Where do you go for a trim?

What do you use for your leave in?

Comments on the website please 🙂 



  1. For a trim, I search and destroy. My leave in for the summer was Giovanni Direct Leave In, which I LOVED.
    I’ve run out though, so I’m waiting on my Curl Harmony Hair Milk to turn up so I can try that out…

  2. I find the search and destroy method the best because it enables me to trim split hair/ single strand knots wthout significantly losing length. Simply search your hair (in sections) and trim off any split hairs you find. There are tons of youtube videos on it.

    I think Tess should probably try reguarl deep conditioning as that will help to strengthen her hair and reduce breakage. Perhaps it could even be a protein issue? When I had breakage which was years ago, I did an Aphogee treatment and it stopped straight away. Also make sure you seal your hair with a moisturising oil- olive or coconut are great.

  3. Thank you so much for your responses. I’ve been thinking I’d brave it and trim my own hair having watched countless of youtube videos so off to Sallys to buy a good pair of trimming scissors.

    @ A Simple Thing – Giovanni Direct Leave-In has been on my wish list for some time now and will get it in London next weekend. Its a shame Aveda has stopped doing their Elixir.

    @ Victoria – I try to deep condition weekly but maybe I should buy the Aphogee again as I used to use it in my perm days. Regarding the oils to moisturise hair. How I wished my hair would love the oils you mentioned but I’ve noticed they just sit on my hair, including shea butter. My skin loves these oils and its what I use daily. I was thinking I’d try Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme because my hair loves creamy products.

  4. If I see a noticeable split-end or tangle in my hair, I trim those off, but I don’t ever trim all my ends.
    I don’t really use a leave-in conditioner, but what works for me is to boil one or two teabags of green tea. When it is cool I put it in a spray bottle and add essential oils like lavender, rosemary and carrot seed and shake. Then I spray it all over my hair, especially the scalp. I find this has really stopped my hair from shedding and breaking – which was a real problem for me.
    Then I just oil it lightly with a natural oil like castor oil or argan oil. I also use Carol Daughter’s Mimosa Hair Honey when it is extra dry or when I twist it.
    I have thin hair and I find this works best for me. But if Tess has thick hair, a different approach might be neccessary for her.

  5. @ A Simple Thing, I am going to have to try the Giovanna Direct Leave in, everyone is talking about it

    @ Victoria, yes I have been watching the search and destroy videos, I am going to try it as I am also in need of a trim.

    @ Amanda, what a tip, I think that is the first time I have ever heard of Green Tea being used in the hair!

    @ Tess, hun I hope you are getting some good information.

  6. Have you thought about afrotherapy salon in north london. They say theu specialise in multi-textured and afro hair. They also specifically do natural hair. They also have a wide range of products such as miss jessies’s and mizani true textures which they use.

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  8. Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. This is why I am looking forward to the meet up on the 2nd October.

    @ the last poster, I have been to Afrotherapy salon but to buy a product. Have you had a trim from them before?

    @ Angel, thank you so much for posting my question. I will also have to watch more search and destroy tips/videos.

  9. I havent been to Afrotheraphy, who are they and where are they based? I might have to try them out after adornment!

  10. Yeah! I found a beautiful creamy leave in conditioner!! I will have to make a post about it

  11. Hi,
    It’s Lela again. I left the initial message about Afrotherapy. Its is London. It used to be called Harriet Kessie, (so the website still says that). Its not called Afrotherapy. I use their website to buy certain hair products, (like Miss Jessies). I’ve visited them, but never used the services. They use a number of natural hair ranges, such as as Miss Jessie’s Mizani true textures, Mixed chicks, etc. Here is the website:

    @ Tess: I’ve never actually had services done there. I just visited briefly to ask about products. The only place I’ve had my hair trimmed is Adornment, but I don’t think they do as well with non-type 4 hair. The only other natural place I know it Purely Natural. I don’t know how well they do with non type4 hair. You could always go in and see. If I were you, I would go for a consultation, before you book for a trim.

    Here is the site for purely natural:

    From Lela

  12. Thanks Lela, some fab information!

  13. SOrry, that should say it is now called Afrotherapy!